Uranus in Taurus, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson & the 2020 Great Conjunction

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August 18th, 2019 seemed to be a very coded day.  It ties in to Uranus going into Taurus May 2nd, 2019 and next years Great Conjunction which will be 12/21/2020 in the sign of Aquarius ruled by Uranus.  On my youtube channel I had been documenting the Cincinnati Masters and Venus coding with Venus Williams. Uranus is in Taurus and Taurus ia ruled by Venus.  We had two Aquarians win the Cincinnati Masters.  That same day we had the death of a former Cincinnati Bengals player, Cedric Benson, reported in the news.  He also played for the Texas Longhorns for the Taurus symbolism.  The Rock, who was married the same day (8/18/19) has a Bull (Taurus) as his logo.  He is a Taurus and his 47th birthday was May 2nd, 2019 the day of Uranus going into Taurus (heliocentric).  And keep in mind that Peter Fonda died just a dew days before.  Peter was the Rock of the Church.  Foundation = 47 reduced.  The Rock turned 47 the day of Uranus moving into Taurus which is THE fixed Earth sign.

This 8/18 date was 491 days before the 12/21/2020 Great Conjunction.

Peter Fonda = 491 extended

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson = 491 Franc Baconis

Uranus = 491 Greek Isopsephy

491 is the 94th prime number and

Uranus = 94 english ordinal.

On the organic side we had Zachary K Hubbard watch the film “Aquaman” on 8/15 the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius.  I did a blogpost on Aquaman earlier this year and how it related to Emmanuel Macron.  Macron’s birthday is 12/21 the date Aquaman released in 2018 and the date of the 2020 Great Conjunction.  Zach pointed out how the film encoded the number 47.  France = 47.  Ohio = 47.  And once again Dwayne Johnson just turned 47 on a big date. The Ohio State Flag features a circle within a triangle which is the esoteric symbol for a Great Conjunction.  [See The Dark Crystal]

Back to Peter Fonda.  He died 174 days after his birthday and “Peter Henry Fonda” = 174 English ordinal.  The words in “One hundred seventy four” can be rearranged to form “four hundred seventy one” and they each sum to 2112 Jewish like the date of next year’s Great Conjunction (21/12). Dwayne’s new wife has a birthday of September 8th which is 471 days to the Great Conjunction.  This may not seem significant at first glance but consider that the last Great Conjunction was May 28th, 2000 which was 471 days before 9/11/2001.

Isn’t it strange? You have Peter Fonda known for his film driving a motorcycle die the day before Cedric Benson dies in a motorcycle crash.

Also curious that “Dwayne the Rock Johnson” = 1984 extended and his new wife was born in 1984.  Uranus has an 84 year orbital cycle.

Three consecutive Great Conjunctions form nearly an Equilateral triangle hence the symbol for a great conjuction.  This time period is equivalent to 40 years.  What’s 40 years after 1984.  That would be 2024.  Maybe the Rock runs that year.  And maybe his running mate or possibly even his adversary is “Caroline Bouvier Kennedy” who has matching gematria to “Dwayne the Rock Johnson” both summing to 491 Franc Baconis



1018 & The House With A Clock In Its Walls

clock cover

On June 20th Zenith of the alpha released a brilliant video on the film “The House with A Clock in Its Walls”.  In the video he talks about the connections between numbers 10 and 144.  Ten = 144 satanic.  The Roman Numeral “X” = 144 sumerian.  The boy in the movie is 10 years old. The film is 144 minutes long.

He also showed us some strong connections to Back to the Future.  In The House with A Clock in Its Walls” there’s a scene with a marquee sign that says “Space Man From Pluto”.  The head of Universal Studios wanted to call Back to the Future Space Man from Pluto.  Marty McFly traveled back to the year 1955 and “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” is set in the year 1955.  55 is the 10th triangular number and the 10th Fibonacci number.

Zenith asked me to look more into the astrological aspects of the film especially the lunar eclipse.  First what I found out that tied in so well with his 10 theme is that Zenith dropped the video 1 day before  the film “The House With a Clock in Its Walls” turned 10 lunar sidereal months old.  In fact, I found this out on the following day so, when I discovered this, the film was indeed exactly 10 lunar sidereal months old.  And on that day it was revealed that Donald Trump called off an attack on Iran “10 minutes” before the strike was to happen.

I’ve been telling my viewers about the sidereal count with the Golden Gate Bridge for months now so the sidereal tie-in seemed very relevant to what I’ve been doing as well.  The latest and greatest tribute was the death of Gloria Vanderbilt who was actually born under a total lunar eclipse.  She died on the last day the Moon passed through the astrological golden gate which is at 266° of the ecliptic using the J2000 coordinates.

Vanderbilt Eclipse

When she died she had just entered her 1180th lunar synodic month and the 118th day of her age.  This date, June 17th, was also a lunar sidereal return for the Golden Gate Bridge’s opening.  The GGB turned 1097 lunar sidereal months old on this day  This was a day leaving 197 days in the year and her son, Anderson Cooper, turned 19,007 days old.  The Moon reached peak illumination as it crossed the Golden Gate.

So the emphasis here is on the lunar sidereal months which is the time it takes the Moon to travel around the ecliptic.  On average this is 27.321661 days.  I have this number memorized for these calculations.  Here is the Moon the day the film was released.

921 Moon

And here it is on June 21st, 2019 which is 10 lunar sidereal months later.

621 moon.jpg

So here is where the 1018 begins to come into play.  First off:


The antagonist in the film and in the book is “Isaac Izard” = 1018 English Extended.  June 21st, was 10/18 on the Islamic Calendar.  And it turns out that there is an eclipse featured in the book that takes place in October of 1948.  If you look up dates of actual eclipses for that year you find that there was actually an eclipse on the 18th of October for another 10/18.  There seems to be a little trickery on the part of the author John Bellairs because he conjurs the lunar eclipse on a Friday.  October 18th, 1948 was on a Monday.  I believe this was done for a couple of reasons.  First, it wouldn’t really be magic if Lewis’ Uncle simply coincided his spell to eclipse the Moon on the date of an actual eclipse now would it?  Second, there was another eclipse that year on April 23rd which “coincidentally” was on a Friday.

Also in the film there’s a scene where the camera spans through imagery of a lunar eclipse in the boys room.  A goat is shown.  On the day the film was released the Moon was in Capricorn (sidereal) as I’ve shown.  Capricorn is the 10th sign in western astrology.  Interesting too is that when Zenith and I were discussing this is the fact that Saturn was at 288° of the ecliptic.  Capricorn is from 270° to 300°.  So, 288 is 18° of the 10th sign for another 1018.

This eclipse proved to continue to coded in the headlines.  In my last video I showed how Trump’s visit to North Korea was a tribute to the Bond film “Die Another Day”.  That film was released in the UK on November 20th, 2002.  That was the day of a lunar eclipse. In fact, It was the same series as the 1948 eclipse.  Saros Lunar Series 116.  The 116th Congress is currently in session.  The next eclipse in this series will be appx 1 lunar sidereal month after the election: November 30th, 2020.

So October 18th is 2-19 on the Islamic Calendar which is perfect.  The House with a Clock in Its Walls was released on September 21st or 21-9. Also, keep this in mind: October 18th, 1948 was the last Full Moon of the Islamic year 1367.  1367 is the 219th prime number.

I had been looking into binary around this time and I found out that 219 is 11011011 in binary.  That made me think about Derek’s eclipse number 1331 which is 11x11x11.  And recently I found out that the Sun at Greatest Eclipse for the 1948 lunar eclipse had a Right Ascension of 13 hours 31 minutes.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an eclipse with more Moon/Eclipse numbers.


Besides the 1331 there was also an Ecliptic Conjunction time of 2:23am UT and Greatest Eclipse was 2:35am UT.  223 is the number of lunar synodic months in a Saros Series and 235 is the number of lunar months in a Metonic Cycle. Both cycles are eclipse cycles.

But wait, there’s more.  This 1948 eclipse wasn’t just any eclipse.  It was the very rare TOTAL PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE.  There were only 9 total in the 20th century and there will be only 5 this century.

So, I found out about total penumbral eclipses in what most people would consider an extremely random fashion.  It wasn’t in the movie I was asked to research but instead in the book and still not even precisely mentioned there.  But I’ll submit this to you in saying that Jack Black being cast in this film was no accident as it pertains to Total Penumbral Lunar Eclipses because Jack Black was married on the day of the only Total Penumbral Lunar Eclipse so far this century.  March 14th, 2006.


Indiana the 19th State


The Tallest building in Indiana is 811 ft for your August 11th Golden Gate Bridge connection. Indiana is the 19th state. The Indianapolis 500 (Jackson 5 also from Indiana) is the largest single day sporting event in the world being held this year in May 26th a day leaving 219 days in the year. Michael Joseph Jackson = 1367 trigonal. 1367 is the 219th prime. He was born in Gary Indiana area code 219. Permissive dialing of 219 continued across northern Indiana until June 14, 2002.Trump turned 56 that day. Michael Jackson born right at 263 months after the Golden Gate Bridge opening ceremony. 263 the 56th prime. Indianapolis 500’s attendance exceeds 300,000. It began in 1911. This year’s Indy 500 Will be 119 months 1 day after Michael Jackson died. MJ born 1109 weeks 1 day after the Golden Gate Bridge opened. Jackson “Five”… Indianapolis “Five” Hundred. The Hyades asterism is in the shape of a V like the Roman Numeral for 5. Hyades = 257 satanic. 55th prime. Indiana = 34 reduced. Indiana Pacers = 393 ext. Indianapolis = 393 ext

393 is another one of those eclipse numbers Derek the gematrinator has uncovered.  Enneadecaeteris = 393 Jewish.  This is Greeks for 19 years as in the 19 year Sun-Moon cycle aka the Metonic Cycle.  Indiana the 19th state.


Michael Jackson was born 8/29/1958 under a Full Moon


The Hoosier State = 218 rev ordinal

Moon = 218 hebrew gematria


The upcoming Full Moon (Super Snow Moon) is on 2-19-2019 and will be the 19th Full Moon since the Great American Total Solar Eclipse in 2017.  It’s also occurring under lunation 1189.  There are 1189 chapters in the Bible.


19s Everywhere! + Captain Marvel

So about Captain Marvel. release date March 8th, 2019. This is 777 days into Trump’s presidency. March 8th International Women’s Day. Feminism = 219 Jewish. 2019 going to be a big year for women. The 2018 World Cup began 1919 days into the papacy of Pope Francis and ended 219 days before 2-19-2019…France won. The 2019 Women’s World Cup will be in France. Captain Marvel is coming out March 8th the 67th day of the year. 19th prime, 19th amendment passed in 1919. Also the film will be set in the year 1995. Lots of 95s lately with Stan Lee and the Croatioan decode. 1995 – 1776 = 219. But another number popping its head at me for that year is the 527 as it relates Sikhism. 1995 was the year 527 on their Calendar (solar beginning with the vernal equinox). In the movie Holiday Calendar the back of the Calendar reveals an address 527 Main Street. Sikhs pretty big with Trump. fired the Sikh Preet Bharara 3-11-2017 and Sikh Nikki Haley resigns October 3rd, 2018 as ambassador to the UN

World Series by the Stars

David Price wins the World Series at age 33 in a game that lasted 3 hours and 3 minutes. 33 relevant to the Moon since the Lunar Calendar cycles back through one solar year every 33 years.

The Hebrew word for Moon “Levanah” sums to 33

For more Moon coding the Game ended at 20:18 with the strike out of Mr. 218 himself Manny Machado who turned 1361 weeks old on the 218th day of 2018. 1361 the 218th prime. Another hebrew word for Moon “Yareach” sums to 218

And to help emphasize what I’ve uncovered on David Price being coded with Sirius MLB.com released this headline

Stellar being the keyword

Sports Equinox to kick off Isis Festival

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LA kicks hosts the first ever Sports Equinox today on the first day of Isia the festival for Isis.

The Moon at 88° right now. Same place it was for 9/11. This makes 229 sidereal cycles since 9/11. 229 the 50th prime that number tied to the circle.

circle = 88 ALW 88 KFW

the mirror of 229 is 922 the autumnal equinox is on 9/22 and tonight they’re having the first ever “sports equinox” in Los Angeles