Revisiting “Moana” From An Astrological Perspective

Moana was my first gematria decode. I saw it the day after its release last year which was in November 23rd, 2016.

see original decode here

In the movie Moana goes in search of Maui and uses a constellation to find him. It’s of course Maui’s fish hook.

This is an actual constellation. A very popular one. It’s the constellation of Scorpio, specifically the tail. The 11.23 release date is no accident. November 23 is the Sun’s first full day in Scorpio.

They seemed to consider this date as well when deciding on the voice actor for Moana, Auliʻi Cravalho.

November 22nd is the first day the Sun touches Scorpio.


Pluto’s Retrograde 2018: 88, 218

Pluto Retrograde Table

Pluto goes retrograde on 4.22.2018.

4 x 22 = 88

4 + 22 + 20 + 18 = 64 = 8 x 8 => (88)

From Trump’s Inauguration to 4.22.2018 is 457 days. That’s the 88th prime.

Trump = 88 ordinal

April Twenty Second = 88 single reduced

Pluto & 218

Discovered on 2-18

Eighteenth of February = 218 ordinal

First images taken by “New Horizons”

New Horizons = 218 Francis Bacon

Pluto’s Max Temp: -218°C

And to cap it off:

Pluto, Moon, Saturn = 21 | + Sagittarius Reminder

So, Stellarium mobile finally has Pluto on their app. Pluto right now is at the 287th ecliptic. 287 = 7×41….

Saturn = 741 Eng Ext.

741 is important since it’s the 38th triangular number.

38 = death = new moon in Hebrew gematria.

Tomorrow Saturn joins Pluto in Sagittarius as well as it being a New Moon.

Sagittarius must be an important constellation to the Kabbalists

Sagittarius = 144 ordinal.

Sagittarius is the only constellation that takes up 33° of the ecliptic.

The 218 Jupiter-Moon Conjunction Comes Through: Keystone XL Pipeline

This has,”see you next year!” written all over it.

If you haven’t noticed the top trending story tonight is the 210,000 gallon oil spill along the Keystone Pipeline. Why 210,000 being reported? In numerology you remove the zeroes so 210,000 = 21.

What about that other pipeline that runs parallel to the path of the proposed Keystone XL?

What numbers do I keep talking about? That’s most of them right there. 266 and 888 both connected to Saturn.

If you haven’t had the opportunity I recommend that you watch Dutchsinse on youtube. He’s mainly known for forecasting earthquakes but alongside his earthquake updates he is generous enough to show us some of the thousands upon thousands of fracking operations he has thumbnailed on Google Earth. Fracking is technically referred to as “hydraulic fracturing”.

Dutchsinse’s YouTube Channel

Link to original 218 Moon Jupiter Post

Saturn Bids Farewell to Ophiuchus on 11.18.17

It was on 5.18.2017 that Saturn re-entered the constellation Ophiuchus. On that day we had an onslaught of big news. Fox exec Roger Ailes passed away. We had the Times Square incident where a Richard Rojas (RR = two 18s) ran over some pedestrians with his Honda Accord. But overshadowing these two stories was no doubt the death of Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden most famous for his song “Black Hole Sun”.

Recall too that Chris’ death was initially reported to happen on May 17th. It was later changed to the 18th. The 17th would’ve been Saturn’s last full day in Sagittarius. The 19th will be Saturn’s first full day in Sagittarius where it will remain until 3.20.2020.

So, expect some shock and awe in the media over the course of this weekend.

Moon & Jupiter hit 218 on 11.16.17 at 18:18 CST: Expect Fireworks

I dedicate this to Stephen Shaughnessy of CTC. He reminded me about tomorrow 11.16.2017 being a day I had marked for something special. Jupiter hits 218 around 2:42am CST and the Waning Crescent Moon will join Jupiter at 218 interestingly at 18:18 CST tomorrow evening. Venus will also be in the vicinity forming a nearly perfect right, isosceles triangle in the sky.

Mercury Governs the Stock Market Again

Mercury hit the 254th ecliptic today at 1:44pm CST.

Down 117 points at 2:54pm EST. “Saturnian” = 117 ordinal

Today is Saturn’s first full day at 266. (See previous posts)

Mercury is the God of Commerce. Mercury is where we get the word Market afterall.

“Time” = 254 eng ext

“Light” = 254 eng ext

time is a measurement of light (Sun, moon, etc.)

9.11 is the 254th day of the year.