Jerry Seinfeld & Venus

Seinfeld turned exactly 77 Venus years old on 9/11/2001. We know about all the 77s with 911. Flight 77 hit the 77 foot tall Pentagon 77 minutes after takeoff. Magic square of Venus is a 7×7. He is not only a Taurus which is ruled by Venus but also was born with Venus in conjunction to the Pleiades the cluster in the constellation of Taurus. Venus returns to its 911 position today (9/22) at 138°. Today is special because it’s also the Autumnal Equinox and we have a Conjunction of Mercury and Spica. Another riddle for 9/22 and 9/23 since Trump turns 993 sidereal months old on the evening between these dates. 9/22 is exactly 993 weeks after 9/11 and Trump was in Shanksville this year for 9/11. “Shanksville” = 993 Latin. 993 is 3×331 3 is the 2nd prime and 331 is the 67th for a 267. Galactic Center is at 267° of the ecliptic. Pope Francis was in D.C. for 9/22 and 9/23. I’ll stop myself there.

Extra Stuff:

The final episode of Seinfeld aired in 5/14/1998 the 50th anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day.

Jerry Seinfeld released his comedy special “23 Hours to Kill” on 5/5/2020. He was 66 years 6 days old (666).

Trump in Trouble August 18th, 2020?

JFK was exactly 193 Mercury years old when he died. Born on a Tuesday (Mars) and died on a Friday (Venus). Trump was born on a Friday possibly goes Tuesday the 18th of August when he turns exactly 308 Mercury years old.

308 – 193 = 115.

JFK assassinated on 11+22+19+63 = 115.

The two 737 Max’s that crashed were flights 302 and 610. 610 – 302 = 308.

“Plane crash” = 308 Jewish.

Mercury is the god of transportation. Trump was exactly 302 Mercury years old when flight 302 crashed.

Additional thoughts:

I also want to throw out there that using Right Ascension Venus Conjuncts Sirius the evening of the 18th as well.  Trump’s brother died on the evening of a Moon Sirius conjunction using ecliptic longitude which I prefer.  I may start looking at RA more, mainly as a matter of convenience, since stellarium doesn’t give the ecliptic coordinates of fixed stars on its mobile app.

Tomorrow is a New Moon.  Trump was born under a Full Moon actually a Total Lunar Eclipse so it will be a synodic opposition for Trump.  Oppositions are usually bad….

Kamala Harris, Venus & October 2nd/3rd, 2020

August 11th, 2020 was a date I’ve had my eye on for a while.  Last year I noticed that Jimmy Garappolo of the San Francisco 49ers was born with Venus at Maximum Elongation as a Morning Star.  This happened again on August 11th making Jimmy Garappolo 18 Venus Synodic Cycles old.  Kamala Harris was born 10008 days after the Golden Gate Bridge opened.  “Venus” = 18 reduction.  Of course Kamala was born in the Bay area and was District Attorney of San Francisco for seven years.  Zachary K Hubbard and Eric777 have pointed out her Jesuit connections.  San Francisco named for St. Francis of Assisi which is where the current pope is said to have gotten his name.

So, Kamala will complete her 35th synodic cycle on October 3rd.  That would be the completion of her 7th pentagram.  Catholic =35. JFK was #35.  10/3 is 20770 days after the JFK assassination and the 277th day of the year.  277 is the 59th prime.  She was selected as Biden’s VP pick on a date with 59 numerology and the 59th day of Trump’s age.  Venus on October 2nd or 3rd depending on time zone nearly occults Regulus.  Regulus moved into Virgo back in 2012.  A star of royalty and authority is inhabiting a place of femininity.  Venus joining Regulus on this date that lines up with Kamala’s Venus count seems prime for a big event for her and Biden’s campaign.  We shall see.

I almost forgot…October 3rd is also 17 days to Kamala’s birthday.  59 the 17th prime.  Kamala is a Libra which is ruled by Venus and Biden is a Scorpio ruled by Mars which is in detriment in Libra so a more specific theory is that something happens to Biden which paves the way for Kamala to take the reigns.

Having said that the whole month of October aligns with the VP selection of Kamala Harris.  Primary date numerologies match the date to date from August 11th.  10+1+20+20 = 51 and is 51 days after 8/11. So you could say October 9th is special since it’s 59 days later with 59 date num for the upcoming 59th election.

Robert Trump just passed

Robert = 78 October = 78 Jesuit = 78



T.I.’s debut album “I’m Serious”

im serious2

Someone asked me to check out the Sirius coding behind T.I.’s debut album “I’m Serious”.  It was pretty easy to spot using Stellarium.  On the day of the album’s release the Moon & Jupiter came into conjunction with the dog star Sirius. The release date was October 9th, 2001.  The horizontal blue line is the Ecliptic and the green lines are the ecliptic grid showing the latitude (horizontal) and longitude (vertical) lines.  You can see how the Moon and Jupiter line up with Sirius.

im serious


August 14th/15th 2020, Osama bin Laden, Space Needle & George Floyd

Today or Tomorrow depending on time zone, Osama bin Laden would’ve turned 848 lunar sidereal months old. His birth chart shows that he was born just as the Moon entered Cancer.  The Moon rules Cancer. There are 848 steps in the space needle which in recent months has been likened to a large syringe.

Today is 21300 days since the space needles completion.  Death = 213 Racism = 213. The death of a boy in North Carolina has gone insanely viral today with racist rednecks spreading the story only to contrast it, ironically, to the coverage of George Floyd.

Today is also 253 lunar sidereal months since 9/11.  253 is the 22nd triangular number.  George Floyd died on a day with 220 remaining and today is 2 months 20 days later.  Here we are in the year 2020.

Also, they tell us on CNN a 25 year old man is responsible for the death of a 5 year old again reminding us of George Floyd’s death on 25/5

space needle

Whitney Houston the Moon & Sirius

Whitney Houston died on the day she turned 600 lunar months old.  Divide this by 12 and you see that she was exactly 50 lunar years old for her day of death.  Her death was due to “drowning” = 50 reduced.  Sirius A and Sirius B also orbit one another in a period of 50 years.

In my previous post I talked about the 595 sirius code.  Whitney Houston was exactly 5.95 years old for the Moon landing of July 20th, 1969. Of course, Houston is associated with the Apollo missions to the Moon. She died exactly 569 lunar months after the Moon Landing.  569 is the 104th prime number.  Sirius moved to 104° of the ecliptic on April 30th, 1994.  I’ll talk more about this in just a moment.  The 104 is important because “drowning” and “Whitney” sum to 104 in the english ordinal cipher.

Whitney 104

Sirius’ degree change and the Moon Landing:
“Sirius” = 95 english ordinal.  The degree change occurred 9050 days after the Moon Landing.  This was 11,222 days after Whitney was born which is equivalent to exactly 380 lunar months.  “Death” = 38 reduced.  Whitney would die 220 lunar months after the degree change.  Once again that date was 4/30/1994.

220+380 = 600.  You might could consider 1994 the peak of her career as she took home 3 awards from the 36th Grammy’s including album of the year.  The date was 3/1/1994 which was the 60th day of the year.  Sirius would change degrees 60 days later on April 30th.  She died at 600 lunar months old.  The 36th triangular is 666.  She was born in “Newark” = 666 ext.

Whitney Houston was born during the time of Sirius’ helical rising.

It’s also important to note that her death occurred during a lunar opposition to her birth Moon.  She was born with her Moon in Aries and died with her Moon in Libra.

Here’s a shot showing that Sirius had technically risen at the time of Whitney’s birth.  You can see that at sunrise Sirius had an altitude close to 10°

Whitney 104

These photos show Sirius moving to 104°

degree change 1degree change 2

Osama bin Laden & Sirius & More

Sirius = 595 greek Isopsephy. Osama bin Laden was exactly 595 lunar sidereal months old on 9/11. One dog died on 9/11. His name was Sirius. Poland’s President Duda visited The White House earlier this month. He was exactly 595 lunar synodic months old on that day. Duda and Osama were both born on the day of a Moon Sirius conjunction. The next Moon-Sirius conjunction is coming up on July 19th. The 2nd round of Polands elections are tomorrow July 12th 2020. Be interesting to see what happens. The middle chapter of the bible is the 595th chapter. Psalm 117. It sums to 1597 english ordinal (KJV). 1597 is the 17th fibonacci number and 251st prime. Kobe Bryant died a span of 2510 days after Pope Francis became Pope. Basketball = 251 jewish. Kobe died a span of 1597 days after Moses Malone. “Moses” = 17 reduced.

7/13 is an interesting date to watch considering Mercury numbers. It will be exactly 88 months since Francis became Pope and his 347th Mercury birthday. 347th is the 69th prime. We’re currently in the sign of Cancer symbolized by a 69. 595 has prime factorization of 5x7x17 the 3rd 4th and 7th primes (347)

George Floyd as Venus

Floyd’s death seems to be another ritual destruction of the divine feminine. Knee (Capricorn) in the Neck (Taurus).  Floyd is a Libra.  Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn represents government and authority.  Taurus is the 2nd sign and Capricorn is the 10th sign.

Floyd died 210 days to the start of Capricorn which is on 12/21 the winter solstice and the date of the 2020 Great Conjunction.  12:21 is 741 minutes. Saturn = 741.  This day was also 1221 days into Trumps presidency.

We should be celebrating Venus right now as it comes into conjunction with the sun tomorrow June 3rd 2020. Venus is love.  Tomorrow will mark 251 years since the Revelation 12 sign that Seven7One1 found. Venus = 54 and 251 is the 54th prime.  Kobe died 2510 days into Francis’ reign.  His death was so important to Venus which was centered in Pisces.  I’ve shown in another post the significance of Pisces to basketball.

Taurus is said to represent material wealth. African Americans are suffering disproportionately due to the coronavirus.  They’ve taken the greatest hit economically and the greatest hit on lives lost.

The Dung Beetle: The Sun is Shit



Just doing a quick post pointing out Rambo’s work on feces.  Could this be “the end”. Get it?  Anyways, thought it was funny he mentions shit and the Beatles in the same post because it made me think of the sacred scarab beetle that rolls shit.  I admit that initially I was a bit apprehensive about Rambo’s latest area of study but given the scarab connection it really reinforces that he’s really onto something.  This is why we get the coronavirus and toilet paper connection.  Corona relates to the Sun and so does dung.

Rambo’s Post

I’m also wondering if anyone else noticed houses being rolled/t.p.’d over the memorial day weekend.  I was always under the impression that this was reserved for Halloween/Autumn