Trump’s Jyeshtha Nakshatra: Vedic Astrology

Nakshatra’s correspond to a person’s moon placement. I’ve came in to this gematria-astrology with a strong bias for IAU astrology. This is what you’ll find in Stellarium.

But, the ecliptic longitudes are great in that they are easy to translate into various astrology systems. Whether you’re using vedic, western or IAU the coordinates are essentially the same.

So, Trump was born at the 262nd ecliptic. This is equivalent to the 22nd degree of Scorpio in western astrology. Western breaks each of the 12 signs into 30°.

Aries 0-30, Taurus 30-60, Gemini 60-90, Cancer 90-120, Leo 120-150, Virgo 150-180, Libra 180-210

Uranus in Taurus, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson & the 2020 Great Conjunction

August 18th, 2019 seemed to be a very coded day.  It ties in to Uranus going into Taurus May 2nd, 2019 and next years Great Conjunction which will be 12/21/2020 in the sign of Aquarius ruled by Uranus.  On my youtube channel I had been documenting the Cincinnati Masters and Venus coding with Venus Williams. Uranus is in Taurus and Taurus is ruled by Venus.  We had two Aquarians win the Cincinnati Masters.  That same day we had the death of a former Cincinnati Bengals player, Cedric Benson, reported in the news.  He also played for the Texas Longhorns for the Taurus symbolism.  The Rock, who was married the same day (8/18/19) has a Bull (Taurus) as his logo.  He is a Taurus and his 47th birthday was May 2nd, 2019 the day of Uranus going into Taurus (heliocentric).  And keep in mind that Peter Fonda died just a dew days before.  Peter was the Rock of the Church.  Foundation = 47 reduced.  The Rock turned 47 the day of Uranus moving into Taurus which is THE fixed Earth sign.

This 8/18 date was 491 days before the 12/21/2020 Great Conjunction.

Peter Fonda = 491 extended

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson = 491 Franc Baconis

491 is the 94th prime number and

Uranus = 94 english ordinal.

On the organic side we had Zachary K Hubbard watch the film “Aquaman” on 8/15 the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius.  I did a blogpost on Aquaman earlier this year and how it related to Emmanuel Macron.  Macron’s birthday is 12/21 the date Aquaman released in 2018 and the date of the 2020 Great Conjunction.  Zach pointed out how the film encoded the number 47.  France = 47.  Ohio = 47.  And once again Dwayne Johnson just turned 47 on a big date. The Ohio State Flag features a circle within a triangle which is the esoteric symbol for a Great Conjunction.  [See The Dark Crystal]  

Back to Peter Fonda.  He died 174 days after his birthday and “Peter Henry Fonda” = 174 English ordinal.  The words in “One hundred seventy four” can be rearranged to form “four hundred seventy one” and they each sum to 2112 Jewish like the date of next year’s Great Conjunction (21/12). Dwayne’s new wife has a birthday of September 8th which is 471 days to the Great Conjunction.  This may not seem significant at first glance but consider that the last Great Conjunction was May 28th, 2000 which was 471 days before 9/11/2001.

Isn’t it strange? You have Peter Fonda known for his film driving a motorcycle die the day before Cedric Benson dies in a motorcycle crash.

Also curious that “Dwayne the Rock Johnson” = 1984 extended and his new wife was born in 1984.  Uranus has an 84 year orbital cycle.

Three consecutive Great Conjunctions form nearly an Equilateral triangle hence the symbol for a great conjuction.  This time period is equivalent to 40 years.  What’s 40 years after 1984.  That would be 2024.  Maybe the Rock runs that year.  And maybe his running mate or possibly even his adversary is “Caroline Bouvier Kennedy” who has matching gematria to “Dwayne the Rock Johnson” both summing to 491 Franc Baconis

The Dung Beetle: The Sun is Shit



Just doing a quick post pointing out Rambo’s work on feces.  Could this be “the end”. Get it?  Anyways, thought it was funny he mentions shit and the Beatles in the same post because it made me think of the sacred scarab beetle that rolls shit.  I admit that initially I was a bit apprehensive about Rambo’s latest area of study but given the scarab connection it really reinforces that he’s really onto something.  This is why we get the coronavirus and toilet paper connection.  Corona relates to the Sun and so does dung.

Rambo’s Post

I’m also wondering if anyone else noticed houses being rolled/t.p.’d over the memorial day weekend.  I was always under the impression that this was reserved for Halloween/Autumn



George Floyd as Venus

Floyd’s death seems to be another ritual destruction of the divine feminine. Knee (Capricorn) in the Neck (Taurus).  Floyd is a Libra.  Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn represents government and authority.  Taurus is the 2nd sign and Capricorn is the 10th sign.

Floyd died 210 days to the start of Capricorn which is on 12/21 the winter solstice and the date of the 2020 Great Conjunction.  12:21 is 741 minutes. Saturn = 741.  This day was also 1221 days into Trumps presidency.

We should be celebrating Venus right now as it comes into conjunction with the sun tomorrow June 3rd 2020. Venus is love.  Tomorrow will mark 251 years since the Revelation 12 sign that Seven7One1 found. Venus = 54 and 251 is the 54th prime.  Kobe died 2510 days into Francis’ reign.  His death was so important to Venus which was centered in Pisces.  I’ve shown in another post the significance of Pisces to basketball.

Taurus is said to represent material wealth. African Americans are suffering disproportionately due to the coronavirus.  They’ve taken the greatest hit economically and the greatest hit on lives lost.

Osama bin Laden & Sirius & More

Sirius = 595 greek Isopsephy. Osama bin Laden was exactly 595 lunar sidereal months old on 9/11. One dog died on 9/11. His name was Sirius. Poland’s President Duda visited The White House earlier this month. He was exactly 595 lunar synodic months old on that day. Duda and Osama were both born on the day of a Moon Sirius conjunction. The next Moon-Sirius conjunction is coming up on July 19th. The 2nd round of Polands elections are tomorrow July 12th 2020. Be interesting to see what happens. The middle chapter of the bible is the 595th chapter. Psalm 117. It sums to 1597 english ordinal (KJV). 1597 is the 17th fibonacci number and 251st prime. Kobe Bryant died a span of 2510 days after Pope Francis became Pope. Basketball = 251 jewish. Kobe died a span of 1597 days after Moses Malone. “Moses” = 17 reduced.

7/13 is an interesting date to watch considering Mercury numbers. It will be exactly 88 months since Francis became Pope and his 347th Mercury birthday. 347th is the 69th prime. We’re currently in the sign of Cancer symbolized by a 69. 595 has prime factorization of 5x7x17 the 3rd 4th and 7th primes (347)