Dedicated to Marty Leeds: My Findings on the Tetragrammaton

So, if you’re familiar with Marty Leeds he talks much on how 26 is the God number. This is interesting since “God” = 7+15+4 = 26 English ordinal. I don’t really follow his work but I do know he dismisses all ciphers that aren’t septenary. Given his logic he would even consider the fact of God summing to 26 in the English ordinal cipher as coincidence.‎

But we won’t spend anymore time on that charlatan.

This is the Hebrew Tetragrammaton: יהוה‎

It’s made up of “Yod” the 10th Hebrew letter, “Hey” the 5th, “Vav” the 6th and “Hey” the 5th again.

Convert these placements to the English alphabet and it spells “JEFE”

J the 10th letter, E the 5th letter, F the sixth letter and E the 5th letter.

Jefe is the Spanish word for Boss.

And either coincidental or by design of the matrix is that I’m only 30 and can count on two hands the number of supervisors I’ve had named Jeff.

In English the Tetragrammaton is spelled “YHWH”

Financial Collapse Imminent

I’ve been looking into the numbers for about a week and today the DOW dropped 112 points (about half a percentage). I’m taking that as a sign to go ahead and get this blogpost out.

So, the 266th ecliptic is a subject I’ve covered throughout my posts. Recently, I found out that Saturn was at the 266th ecliptic for the financial collapse of 1929. You know, the one that kicked off the Great Depression.

You should be familiar with that location by now. (Saturn at the 266th ecliptic). It’s a little ahead of the current position of 266 since it was 88 years ago. The current position of 266 is right on the cusp of Sagittarius and Ophiuchus due to “precession”.

The exact Saturn return (third) for 10.29.1929 will happen on 11.22.2017. November 22nd is interesting. We are constantly seeing the Trump family and Kennedy family in the same context. Whether it’s Melania in the baby-blue suit or Trump releasing the concealed Kennedy records… Kennedy was assassinated on 11.22.1963.

Perhaps, an even more interesting date for a collapse is November 9th, 2017.

October 24th is listed as the official start date. From 10.24.1929 to 11.09.2017 is a span of 32,159 days. This is equivalent to 1089 lunar months. 1089 = 33×33.

“November Ninth” = 969 English Extended, 1109 Jewish. 969km/s is the speed of Saturn and time is money. 1109 like the date….

From the 777 point crash on 9.29.08 to 11.9.2017 is 3328 days or 911% of a common year.

From 9.11.2001 to 11.9.2017 is 5903 days. 5903 is the 777th prime.

Last largest daily stock loss 6/24/2016 to 11/9/2017 is 503 days or 137% of a common year, 33rd prime.

If you measure from the more numerically enticing date of Black Thursday (10.29.1929) the Saturn return falls on 11.14.17

There are several other dates in November prime for ritual but We’ll look at just one more.

“November Sixteenth” = 218 ordinal.

I just did a post on Saturn 218 transits. Well, Jupiter just so happens to hit the 218 on November 16th this year. The stock market crash of 1929 is also known as “The Great Crash”

November 16th is 218 days after April 12th. April 12th was 666 days after Trump announced his presidency on June 16th, 2015

Credits to Shane Yates and Travis Wood

Saturn-218 Transits

First I have to say that I can’t show you the date and the ecliptic coordinates at the same time with the stellarium phone app so on these 218 transits you’ll just have to trust my research or you can check it yourself by downloading stellarium at

I’ll start with the latest Saturn-218 transits and work my way back. (all times are U.S. Central)

December 14th, 2012 – Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

November 6th, 1984 – Ronald Reagan is elected as the 41st president.

R is the 18th letter. Ronald Reagan’s initials are RR…… (two eighteens)

September 30th, 1954 – The USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear powered submarine, is commissioned under the direction of Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

WW3, Mars, Merkel, Putin, Pope Francis, The Protestant Reformation & 266

died on 2/18

The Reformation is said to have started on 10.31.1517 with Martin Luther’s “Ninety Five Theses”. This occurred under the papacy of Pope Leo X the 218th pope. On this date, the Sun was at the 218th meridian as it is every Halloween. But what’s really extraordinary is that on 10.31.1517 Saturn was at the 266th meridian. The current pope, pope Francis, is the 266th pope. In 1517 the 266th meridian was well in to Sagittarius but because of precession it is now at the Sagittarius Ophiuchus Cusp.

By the end of 2017, Saturn will have crossed this cusp three times (2/23, 5/18, 11/18).

The exact return for the Reformation (when Saturn hits 266.15) happens on 11.15 but Saturn Enters Sagittarius on 11.18 the 322nd day of a common year.

Sagittarius appears to be the most numerically coded constellation because:

“Sagittarius” = 144 ordinal

“Time” = 144 Jewish

There are 1440 minutes in a day.

Sagittarius also takes up 33° of the ecliptic. Currently from 266 to 299. And we’re all familiar with the significance of 33 I’m sure.

Pope Francis

So, not only is Pope Francis the 266th pope he was born on, December 17th, 1936, a date where the Sun hit the 266th ecliptic longitude. He became pope on 3.13.13. Those are the 2nd, 6th and 6th primes. (266)

Angela Merkel

Angela fits in very well to the Reformation theme. She is the daughter of a Lutheran minister. Lutheranism is named for the German theologian Martin Luther who, as I’ve already stated, is credited with initiating the Protestant Reformation.

Merkel, Putin, World War & Mars

Merkel: 7.17.1954

Putin: 10.7.1952

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin were each born with their Mars at the 266th ecliptic longitude. Mars will be at 266 again on March 10th, 2018. That’s the month I keep talking about. Trump’s 888th lunar month. March is named for the God of War, Mars.

“March” = 218 Satanic.

“Donald J Trump” = 888 Sumerian.

“Beware the Ides of March” = 888 Satanic.

The Mars-266 transit won’t happen again until February 10th, 2020

So, about World War Three……

Mars, in 2018, will be doing a very similar maneuver to the one it did leading up to World War II. It will be in Capricorn from May 14th to November 10th with a short stint in Sagittarius in between from August 24th to September 1st.

WW2 Started in 1939. Mars was in Capricorn that year from May 19th to November 13th with a noticeably longer duration in Sagittarius from July 30th to September 17th.

WWII started on September 1st, 1939.

In each case Mars went retrograde. This is required for Mars to move from Capricorn to Sagittarius. So WW2 started with Mars in Sagittarius. Be looking out for something major to happen from August 24th to September 1st next year with Mars in Sagittarius.


Notes and Credits:

Special thanks to Zenith of the Alpha for leading me on to the Reformation theme.

Special thanks to Travis Wood for first showing me the numerological connection of Francis and 266 among so many other things. I’ll link his and Zenith’s material below.

All dates are U.S. Central and apologies for not including more photo evidence. My version of Stellarium doesn’t allow me to capture the date and coordinates at the same time. Hope to include those in the future.

Travis Wood’s Blog “Real Eyes to Realize”

Zenith of the Alpha’s YouTube Channel

here’s the Sun at 266.00

Putin’s Mars at 266.51

Merkel’s Mars at 266.34

Las Vegas, 218, 254 & the Fides Asteroid

On the evening of October 1st, 2017 there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas. And wow, the amount of coding on this event was overwhelming.

This was no doubt another Saturn-Harvest ritual. The shooting took place during the Route 91 Harvest festival.


But the astrological “star” of Sunday’s shooting wasn’t Saturn. It was the rarely regarded “Fides Asteroid”, named for Fides, the Roman Goddess of public trust.


If you’ll notice the ambulance has the number 218 on it.

“Fides” = 218 Satanic


What led me to Fides? Ans: Checking the Roman Calendar. The Roman Calendar starts in March. “March” = 218 Satanic. March 2018 will be Trump’s 888th lunar month.

“Beware the Ides of March” = 888 Satanic

Now notice the Mars October connection.


October is also a reflection of March. It’s the 3rd month counting back from 12.31 and March the 3rd month counting forward. October, in western astrology is also known for being the beginning of the Scorpio sign (Oct. 23). Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars and Venus were rapidly (and still are) coming into conjunction. They were within two degrees of each other the night of the shooting and are currently within one degree.


And, lol, the shooter’s brother even mentions Mars.


But lets get back to Fides. October 1st is the day the Romans set aside to commemorate Fides, specifically the construction of her temple in 254 BC. This shooting happened 254 days into Trumps presidency. 9/11 was on the 254th day…. “Time” and “Light” sum to 254 English extended. Saturn is the god of Time and Time is a measurement of Light.



So what about the asteroid Fides?


Lol, his brother is on a roll. He could probably help us decode if he wasn’t in on the whole charade. Anyways….. “Asteroid” = 91 ordinal and the shooting happened on a day with 91 days left in the year. The Fides Asteroid was discovered on October 5th, 1855. That’s the date of this year’s harvest moon. The Perihelion of the Fides Asteroid is listed as 218 AU with an average orbital speed of 18.18 km/s (two 18s). Look where the asteroid is currently situated. (the square)


Not only is it next to Saturn, that just so happens to be the 254th ecliptic longitude. Recall, the Fides Temple was built in 254 B.C.. October 1st was the 254th Day of Trump’s Presidency.

Now, look what the gematrinator discovered. Perfect way to cap this post.