Kiddush Levana & Major Moon Gematria Discoveries

Check out the gematria for Kiddush Levana.

The 93 we should all be familiar with as a Saturn number. Saturn = 93 ordinal and is a number revered by followers of Thelema.

507 is of course in numerology a 57 like Moon which sums to 57 ordinal.

Pope Francis = 507 Satanic

He’s the 266th pope.

507 = 3x13x13 the 2nd 6th and 6th primes!!!

an alternative hebrew word for Moon “Levanah” = 33 hebrew ordinal.

Also interesting is the first word. the Word for Sanctification sums to 420 in Hebrew gematria. (Hitler’s Bday)

Kiddush = 227 primes
Kiddush Levanah = 420 primes
Levanah = 193 primes

“Time” = 254

“Light” = 254


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