Nick’s Birth Chart

This one goes out to one of my blog readers, Nick. He asked to take a look at his birth chart. Going to throw his planet positions out there and a few connections. Hopefully, Nick will be able to see more in the numbers than I do since the numbers should be specific to his life. So here it goes.

All planet positions are from IAU astrology which is the actual position of the planets in the sky. I will throw out some western astrology placements as well.

Mars @180° Virgo

Saturn @196° Virgo

Jupiter @ 213° Virgo

Jupiter placement is interesting since “Death” = 213 Satanic and in Western Astrology Nick’s Jupiter is in Scorpio.

“Jupiter in Scorpio” = 777 Satanic

Uranus @243° Scorpio

Neptune @266° Sagittarius

This is a very special placement in my eyes. Currently we have the 266th pope. And “Pope Francis” = 507 Satanic. Nick was born on the 1339th minute of the day. 13×39 = 507!!!

507 is another number I talk about in relation to the Moon. Kiddush Levanah = 507 Jewish Gematria. Kiddush Levanah is the Jewish ritual for bringing in the New Moon.

507 = 3x13x13 the 2nd 6th and 6th primes.

And!! Nick’s Neptune placement is the only planet of his that is located in the same constellation in IAU and Western Astrology. The constellation of Sagittarius.

“Sagittarius” = 144 ordinal

“Time” = 144

Moon @ 276° Sagittarius 85% illuminated

Venus @8° Cetus

Sun @51° Aries

Mercury @ 71° Taurus

“Seventy One” = 144 ordinal

Nick has very strong Virgo aspects.

“Virgo” = 227 primes.

“Southfield” = 722 eng ext

“Southfield” = 119 ordinal

Nick born @ 10:19pm

And some of the most bomb gematria I’ve seen in a while is the gematria for Nick’s birthplace, city and state of “Southfield, Michigan”

Saturn = 93 ordinal

Nick born on 5.11

Saturn = 511 Jewish

235 months in a Metonic Cycle

1818 like a 218

Other numbers are significant as well but I’m not as well versed on those.

183 = 3×61 the 2nd and 18th primes (218)

813 is a new one for me. It has to do with Venus and Earth. For every 8 revolutions of Earth around the Sun, Venus revolves 13 times.

And I think that pretty much covers it. Hopefully Nick will be able to make more connections with these numbers in his life.

Melbourne Car Attack Is Tribute to the Moon, Solstice & Hyades Star Cluster

Hyades is a star cluster in the constellation Taurus. It’s in fact the face of Taurus and in she shape of a V. I was first struck by the fierceness of this group of stars a few weeks ago. Taurus seems to be one of the more occult signs of the zodiac. Trump was born with his Sun in Taurus and 9.11 began with the Moon in Taurus as well as a Taurus placement for Saturn.

But, the date of the Melbourne Car Attack itself had little to do with Taurus or the Hyades from a strictly astrological standpoint, however, I am going to make a case with the numbers and upcoming moon placement that seem to suggest something very eventful for December 30th.

Hyades = 577 trigonal

The Capital of Australia is 289 miles from Melbourne. “Full Moon” = 289 hebrew gematria & the elevation of Canberra = 577 meters

The Hyades Star Cluster = 289 rev ord

577 is 1101 in octal

No doubt there will be major ongoing lunar rituals in the coming year and looking at the layout of Australia it seems we can be expecting more geoastronumerical-influenced false flags in Australia.

Of course if you look at the distance from Melbourne to Canberra on wiki it says 289 mi. If you go to the Canberra page it says the distance is 406 mi. Lol, google and wiki are part and parcel to this numbers game. But what you can’t fake are coordinates. Melbourne is located on the 144th East Meridian.

Sun = 91+12+41 = 144 mirrors

Time of attack 4:41pm (144 mirrored)

The Solstice is all about the Sun. Recall from my Winter Solstice post that:

Winter Solstice = 1361 eng ext. That’s the 218th prime.

Hyades Star Cluster = 218 ordinal

And here’s why I expect more excitement in Australia on 12.30

The Moon will be right inside the Hyades Star Cluster.

Rotated for the V effect.

There’s always more, so much more and I do wish I had the time and resources to do more exhaustive work.

The Great American Eclipse Was The 218th New Moon of the 21st Century

There are 29.530589 days in a Synodic Lunar Month. Divide the date span by this conversion factor to get the total number of lunar synodic months.

Seven7One1 pointed this out to me today.

Something else I found in relation to my work is that the first day of Trump’s 888th lunar synodic month, March 1st, 2018, marks the 218th calendar month of the 21st century. “March” = 218 Satanic

New Cipher: “Inversed”

I’ve been finding a ton of gems in the cipher “Seven7One1” calls “true reverse”.  Edit: More recently Lambda115 has introduced it as “Inversed” which I like
In this cipher A-I are the same as in ordinal but J=01,K=11,L=21,M=31,….S=91,T=02, U=12, V=22, W=32 …..Z=62

“Two hundred eighteen” = 322
“Prophecy” = 322
“Gematria” = 137
“Lucifer” = 137
“Time” = 47
“Light” = 47
“Donald John Trump” = 410
“Pope Francis” = 410
“John F Kennedy” = 266
“Stars” = 266
“Meteors” = 266
“Universe” = 266
“Space” = 266 (reverse satanic)
“Beast” = 101
“Fire” = 101
“Foundation” = 218
“Germany” = 218

December 29th: Will Stevie Nicks Die On The Edge of ’17?

From Stevie Nicks’ last birthday to 12.29 is a span of 218 days

12.29.2017 is a span of 131 days after the total solar eclipse on 21/8.

1.31 is the date of the first blood moon of Trump’s presidency.

12.29 to 1.31 is 33 days

Stevie Nicks Vevo released Hers and Tom Petty’s duet Stop Draggin My Heart Around on 6.19.2017

From 6.19 to 12.29 is 193 days. 193 is the 44th prime.

Kill = 44 ordinal

Tom Petty died on 10.2.2017. From this day to 12.29 is 88 days.

Isis = 88 hebrew gematria.

There’s is so much more for this date.