Nick’s Birth Chart

This one goes out to one of my blog readers, Nick. He asked to take a look at his birth chart. Going to throw his planet positions out there and a few connections. Hopefully, Nick will be able to see more in the numbers than I do since the numbers should be specific to his life. So here it goes.

All planet positions are from IAU astrology which is the actual position of the planets in the sky. I will throw out some western astrology placements as well.

Mars @180° Virgo

Saturn @196° Virgo

Jupiter @ 213° Virgo

Jupiter placement is interesting since “Death” = 213 Satanic and in Western Astrology Nick’s Jupiter is in Scorpio.

“Jupiter in Scorpio” = 777 Satanic

Uranus @243° Scorpio

Neptune @266° Sagittarius

This is a very special placement in my eyes. Currently we have the 266th pope. And “Pope Francis” = 507 Satanic. Nick was born on the 1339th minute of the day. 13×39 = 507!!!

507 is another number I talk about in relation to the Moon. Kiddush Levanah = 507 Jewish Gematria. Kiddush Levanah is the Jewish ritual for bringing in the New Moon.

507 = 3x13x13 the 2nd 6th and 6th primes.

And!! Nick’s Neptune placement is the only planet of his that is located in the same constellation in IAU and Western Astrology. The constellation of Sagittarius.

“Sagittarius” = 144 ordinal

“Time” = 144

Moon @ 276° Sagittarius 85% illuminated

Venus @8° Cetus

Sun @51° Aries

Mercury @ 71° Taurus

“Seventy One” = 144 ordinal

Nick has very strong Virgo aspects.

“Virgo” = 227 primes.

“Southfield” = 722 eng ext

“Southfield” = 119 ordinal

Nick born @ 10:19pm

And some of the most bomb gematria I’ve seen in a while is the gematria for Nick’s birthplace, city and state of “Southfield, Michigan”

Saturn = 93 ordinal

Nick born on 5.11

Saturn = 511 Jewish

235 months in a Metonic Cycle

1818 like a 218

Other numbers are significant as well but I’m not as well versed on those.

183 = 3×61 the 2nd and 18th primes (218)

813 is a new one for me. It has to do with Venus and Earth. For every 8 revolutions of Earth around the Sun, Venus revolves 13 times.

And I think that pretty much covers it. Hopefully Nick will be able to make more connections with these numbers in his life.

One thought on “Nick’s Birth Chart”

  1. Thank you so much, Bobby! Hope I didn’t bug you about it. I’m sure you’ve been more than busy during the holidays.. I very much appreciate the time you took to do this! Mars at 180 is interesting since my address breaks down to 18. Jupiter at 213 is kind of creepy and I’m still processing that one.. The 507 stands out since my Mom was born in 57 and I’m very fascinated by the 1339th minute, as that is something I never realized. It also made me realize that time, 10:19 pm, the 1339th minute, leaves 101 minutes left in the day. 101 is the 26th prime and there is a whole bunch of 26 in my family as all my family members have 26 name Gematria and my sister and I were born 2600 days apart. My niece was just born on the 101st day of the year too.. The “119 Southfield” connection and the “Southfield Michigan” Gematria is definitely bomb, like you said, too! 303 is a number significant to us as well. I’m still processing the rest of it so thank you again!!!!

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