Seaplane Crashes in Sydney

So, I theorized in my last post [see here] we would see more for Australia in the way of big news. My date was December 30th with the Moon going into the Hyades star cluster.

Before I go into the plane crash here’s something I missed. Check out the position (Zenith) of the Moon for the time of the Melbourne Car attack.

So, the event came a day after I predicted but still the Moon was in the vicinity of Hyades.

Hyades = 577 trigonal

Sea Plane Crash = 577 Satanic

Not sure how else to tie in Francis beyond numbers but he’s a key figure regardless. Also noticed a ton of 55 coding. Richard Cousins, then CEO of Compass Group, died in the crash along with his two sons, fiance and her daughter. Seems someone may have had it out for Richard.

Crashed into Jerusalem Bay off of “Cowan Creek” CC = 33

kill = 44

Compass Group = 55 reduced, 151 ALW

sacrifice = 55 single reduced

Moon was in the “Silver Gate” = 55 single reduced

Sydney’s Coordinates are 151°E and 33°S. The 33rd parallels are prime for rituals but

“The Silver Gate” = 151 ordinal

And this significance is something I had missed earlier. The New Year began with the Moon in the Silver Gate. Silver Gate being one of the two intersections of the Galactic Plane and the Ecliptic Plane. Precisely this would be at the 86th ecliptic but there’s reason to this ritual being done at the 82nd. This is the 22nd degree of the third sign Gemini. (223). There are 223 synodic months in a Saros Cycle. “The Moon” = 223 hebrew gematria. Plus….

Screenshots from Stellarium at the precise time of the Crash. (Location set to Sydney of Course)

Thought it was peculiar that the Azimuth was 266°. Pope Francis the 266th pope. I doubt the time was an accident either.

That’s 15:15 military time

1515 = ISIS….. the Moon Goddess….

Alas! Just came across this image to drive home the significance of this ritual and tie it into the Vatican.

You see?! Where was the Moon on this day? On the horns of Taurus….

Link to Silver Gate Explanation

Santos Bonacci talk on the Galactic Plane

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