March 2nd & March 29th 2019 Dates to Watch

Youtube vids on these dates:

March 2nd, 2019

March 29th, 2019

Donnie Darko begins and ends on 10/2/1988

On October 2nd, 1988 Saturn was at the 266th ecliptic longitude. Pope Francis the 266th Pope. Chris Cornell died exactly 218 weeks after he became Pope (by initial reports) on a day where Saturn was at the 266th ecliptic moving retrograde from Sagittarius to Ophiuchus. Francis was born moments after the Sun hit the 266th ecliptic on 12.17.1936 @9pm “The Moon Pope” = 2066 sqares. 266 is the location of the galactic center, the galactic center the location of the black hole. (Black Hole Sun) The Ophiuchus Sun = 1818. Sun in Ophiuchus = 1367 Eng Ext. 1367 the 219th prime. Trump sworn in with the Moon at the 219th ecliptic. Moon Worship = 1367 Jewish. Moon President = 219 Francis Bacon. “Two hundred nineteen” = 218 ordinal Moon = 218 hebrew gematria & “Death” & “Isis” = 218 englsh gematria. Of course the Protestant Reformation which no doubt was a catalyst for death began with Pope Leo X the 218th pope. And I think why the 267 is activated is because the Galactic Center is transitioning to the 267th ecliptic. 9.23 is the 266th day of the year. on 9.22.2015 923 days into his papacy Francis arrived in D.C. giving a White House speech the next morning on 9.23 starting at 9.23. Of course it’s mirror date Zenith mentioned in his latest video is 3.29 (March 29th) the 88th day. Isis sums to 88 in hebrew gematria. Very much a moon number 88 is. March 29th, 2019 is 2207 days after Francis’ papacy began. 2207 the 329th prime and March 29th, 2019 begins the 218th lunar month since 9/11/2001. Francis became Pope on 3/13/13 the 2nd 6th and 6th primes (266). 3/29/19 the 2nd 10th and 8th primes (218) maybe 3/2/19 will be special as well. oh yea of course that would be 2180 days after 3/13/13. 3/2/19 the 2nd 1st and 8th primes. This is 218 days after the blood moon on 7.27.2018 which happens to be the same Saros Cycle Trump was born under.

Donald Trump is Donnie Darko

“Donnie Darko” = 218 Franc Baconis