Vesta: Goddess & Asteroid June 13th & June 26th

There will be an important placement coming up on June 27th. Vesta will be at 266 conjunct the Moon. This will be 523 days from Trump’s first day as president. Donald Trump = 523 Satanic. Of course June 26th is maybe an even more interesting date. Written as 26/6 in most of the world and will be his 523rd day as President. 523 is the 99th prime. Jupiter = 99 ordinal cipher. Trump is Jupiter possibly and Jupiter is in Scorpio…. Jupiter in Scorpio = 777 Satanic

So Vesta will hit 266°59’59” on 26/6 Universal Time. See here:

Why is this 266 placement significant? Currently it’s mostly due to the Pope. So much 266 is encoded to him. Of course I showed how Chris Cornell’s death was a tribute to Pope Francis and the Galactic Center so I’m expecting a major ritual for this placement.

Youtuber “Schism206” does an excellent job of showing the significsnce of Vesta in the JFK assassination. See here: JFK & Vesta

Vesta astrologically is represented by fire. Sagittarius is a fire sign. So once Vesta crosses 270 we can probably expect some fireworks. This actually will happen on June 13th between 9 and 10 am


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