June 18th, 2018 – Neptune Goes Retrograde + World Cup Play

June 18th, 2018

I may mention Tisha Bav and the Divine Feminine later on in the post but the focus is Neptune’s Retrograde.

Technically, Neptune didn’t hit retrograde until about 9pm Central Time today. (18th of June) Neptune is of course, among other things, the God of Earthquakes and today we got a story of a magnitude 6.1 striking Japan. [see here] 61 is the 18th prime and here we are in 2018.

Also worth mentioning is that we had an earthquake hit Guatemala on Sunday evening which would’ve also been the 18th of June UTC. Each earthquake was in my opinion an ode to Neptune/Poseidon.

Guatemala 585

The first documented study on earthquakes is from Thales of Miletus dated 585 BCE. (google “seismology” for this) Maybe we’ll see some more major earthquake stories today on “Juneteenth” aka “Freedom Day” which sums to 585 in the Jewish cipher. Zenith of the Alpha did a clever video connecting Juneteenth to 218 today. [see here]

Speaking of 218 and Central America….. the first World Cup match I got around to watching was Panama vs. Belgium. About 25 minutes into the game the announcers began speaking about the heaviest player in the World Cup, Roman Torres, who is representing Panama and plays in the MLS for the Seattle Sounders. Sounders of course alludes to the oceans depths as well as vibrations like the ones that cause earthquakes for example!!

(Many, including real life scientists, have anticipated a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is no doubt the unofficial capital of the Pacific Northwest.)

So where does the 218 come in to play?!

Roman Torres
Enter a caption

Roman Torres is said to weigh in at 218 lbs although if you google his name he’s listed as 183. Perhaps this is because of how 183 connects to 218. 183 equals 3×61. 3 & 61 are the 2nd and 18th prime numbers.

The final piece to June 18th’s Neptune/Earthquake riddle seems to have come from the England-Tunisia matchup in the 90 +1 minute of play. If you were watching live you’ll recall that what should have been a throw-in a few seconds before was allowed to progress into a corner kick. Now, check this out.

corner quake

This goal was a beautiful strike off the head of Harry Kane.

Harry Kane

457 is the 88th prime number of course and 88 is always a fun one with so many different themes to allude to that I shall not even begin to mention them. My favorite personal discovery, however, is that “Isis” in hebrew sums to 88 (hebrew gematria). I’ll do a separate post on this soon.

But you gotta love how Harry Kane sounds so much like Hurricane. Again, Poseidon/Neptune the God of Hurricanes.

Hurricane Poseidon

But continuing on with the earthquake theme Mexico defeated the defending champs, Germany, on Sunday. The next day we got these kinds of stories about that game, lol.


The End For Now

Update June 19th: The earthquake yesterday was in Osaka, Japan. Osako of the Japanese national team scores the winning goal today against Colombia.

link to artificial earthquake story

link to Torres 218 story


3 thoughts on “June 18th, 2018 – Neptune Goes Retrograde + World Cup Play”

  1. Wow man this is crazy! I’ve also seen a lot of 218’s in the past couple weeks, too. CNN had a video montage of Anthony Bourdain that my family was watching online, and I showed them how it was “2:18” in length and how Death=218, in the year 2018 too. Then, we were at this spy/war themed restaurant in Milwaukee and they had a display of a cell door from an old Russian prison system and it was cell #218, of course…

    1. Yea that’s some wild synchronicity. Did you know the gematrinator is from Milwaukee too? Just put out a couple vids today on YouTube talking about Juneteenth, 218 included 😁

      1. Ya, I was actually gonna say that I could probably let Derek know so he can look more into that place, as I bet there is a whole bunch more encoded into it.. I will check out those new vids soon bro, thanks as always Bobby!

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