Argentina’s Flag and Obelisk Commemoration’s link to World Cup 2018

So, the coding goes pretty deep with this one but I’m going to try and keep it simple per usual and just copy and paste from a facebook post I made.  I haven’t seen the results of the Argentina-Nigeria matchup yet.

argentine flag 2

Lionel Messi = 1812 squares.

The Argentine flag was adopted February 27th, 1812

“the flag was hoisted for the first time in Buenos Aires atop the Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari on August 23, 1812; where nowadays the Obelisk of Buenos Aires is located.”

Obelisk completed on 5/23/1936
5/23/1936 to the world cup championship game is 30,003 days
Speaking of 523 today is Trump’s 523rd day as prez.
“Donald Trump” = 523 Satanic (99th prime)
Donald Trump shares his birthday with another famous Argentinan; Che Guevara
The birthplace of the Argentine flag is in Rosario, Argentina.

Lionel Messi & Ernesto “Che” Guevara were each born in Rosario, Argentina

There’s more of course for today’s matchup.  So juicy.  I’ll just go into it real quick.  Francis from Argentina the 266th pope.  Decisive match today on 26/6.  Today is exactly 144 weeks after Pope Francis touched down in America on September 22nd, 2015.  Where was he arriving from? Cuba.  Che Guevara the man who brought about Revolution in Cuba.

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