Mac Miller & the Divine Feminine

I put out a video on September 4th about Mac Miller and the divine feminine and was expecting a tribute on the 6th or 7th.

Mac Miller Video

Mac Miller initials MM = 1313. 1313 as well as 213 are divine feminine codes as was recently shown to us by youtuber “LXXXVIII finis temporis” via the movie There’s Something About Mary.

His video was quickly removed on Assumption of Mary Day of all days. Below is a link to his channel and the video he did explaining the removal along with a link to the original upload.

Finis Temporis Divine Feminine

Okay, so Mac Miller released an album called The Divine Feminine in 2016 and way before that he dropped a music video for a single called Donald Trump on March 3rd, 2011 during trump’s 777th month alive. The digital single for Donald Trump was released exactly 213 weeks before Trump announced his candidacy (5/17/2011-6/16/2015)

He died 20,013 days after the JFK assassination.

Miller’s former girlfriend,Ariana Grande, is also in tune with the divine feminine with the release of her single this summer (2018) “God is a Woman”.

Divine Feminine = 911 And there is the symbol for “Auspice Maria” often symbolized by a IXXI… 9 & 11 in Roman Numerals.

Bonus: There’s another big MM dominating the headlines these days: Marshall Mathers aka Eminem. Again MM 1313 the divine feminine code.

Eminem sounds like Feminine…. Thanks Dar!

His latest atest album “Kamikaze” = 77 ordinal and was released a few months before the 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The album was also released on a date with 77 numerology. 8-31-2018

This date also happens to be the 21st anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. Another sacrifice of the Divine Feminine.