Sirius Coding For Halloween + World Series Connection

Sirius = 595 Greek Isopsephy
David Price = 595 English Extended

Mac Miller died 595 days into Trump’s presidency. 595 is the 34th triangular number. Halloween is the 304th day of the year (in a common year).

Sirius = 95 ordinal
Halloween = 95 ordinal
David = 95 reverse ordinal
Bostonia = 95 ordinal

Mac Miller died 90 weeks & 5 days after he last performed in Boston.

These are some reasons I think we’ll see a Halloween Game 7 for the 2018 World Series.

Other reasons would be that the Sun is at 218° of the ecliptic on Halloween. Moon = 218 hebrew gematria. Isis = 218 english ext. Death = 218 english ext.
Grim Reaper = 218 Franc Baconis. On my youtube channel I mentioned how Manny Machado of the Los Angeles Dodgers had his first game as a Dodger on the 49th anniversary of the “Moon” Landing. July 20th, 2018. He also turned 1361 weeks old on August 6th the 218th day of 2018. 1361 is the 218th prime number.

Moon = 57 ordinal, Isis = 88 hebrew gematria.

Barack Obama in the headlines lately will be 57 years 88 days old on Halloween. The Dodgers last World Series win was in 88 and we’re in a season that had the earliest start in MLB history on the 88th day of the year: March 29th.

Back to Boston. The Day after Mac Miller died Drake had a concert in BOSTON and dedicated it to Mac Miller. This was September 8th, 2018 a day with 114 days remaining in the year. 2018 is giving us the 114th World Series. The Boston Celtics retired Paul Pierce’s jersey this year. He wore the number 34. 34th triangular number is 595.

Let’s keep in mind that Mac Miller’s death was coded to the divine feminine. Specifically the 213 code as youtuber “LXXXVIII Finis Temporis” has shown us. He helped me out today with some Sirius/Isis decoding:

“Isia festival (Isis and Osiris – death/resurrection) 10/28-11/03 – The Statue of Liberty (Isis) opened 10/28. The second tower on 9/11 collapsed at 10:28am. The only animal that died on 9/11 was SIRIUS the police K9. The ONE world trade center (Resurrection) officially opened November 3rd.”

The North Tower was the Second Tower and on the Kaballah Tree of Life the Left Pillar is also known as the North Side and represents the divine feminine.

Halloween will be a 55 day span after Mac Miller died
Boston Massachusetts = 55 reduced
David Price = 55 reduced

Or 54 days after Mac Miller died and 1,062 days after Price became a member of the Red Sox.
Baseball = 54 reduced, 162 reverse ordinal.

One thought on “Sirius Coding For Halloween + World Series Connection”

  1. Not sure if you already know this but something I discovered with the August 11 date that is being focused on, from Halloween October 31/18 to August 11/19 = 9 months 11 days. Interesting info regarding the Isis Festival, I am going to have to look that up, thanks!

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