19s Everywhere! + Captain Marvel

So about Captain Marvel. release date March 8th, 2019. This is 777 days into Trump’s presidency. March 8th International Women’s Day. Feminism = 219 Jewish. 2019 going to be a big year for women. The 2018 World Cup began 1919 days into the papacy of Pope Francis and ended 219 days before 2-19-2019…France won. The 2019 Women’s World Cup will be in France. Captain Marvel is coming out March 8th the 67th day of the year. 19th prime, 19th amendment passed in 1919. Also the film will be set in the year 1995. Lots of 95s lately with Stan Lee and the Croatioan decode. 1995 – 1776 = 219. But another number popping its head at me for that year is the 527 as it relates Sikhism. 1995 was the year 527 on their Calendar (solar beginning with the vernal equinox). In the movie Holiday Calendar the back of the Calendar reveals an address 527 Main Street. Sikhs pretty big with Trump. fired the Sikh Preet Bharara 3-11-2017 and Sikh Nikki Haley resigns October 3rd, 2018 as ambassador to the UN