Indiana the 19th State


The Tallest building in Indiana is 811 ft for your August 11th Golden Gate Bridge connection. Indiana is the 19th state. The Indianapolis 500 (Jackson 5 also from Indiana) is the largest single day sporting event in the world being held this year in May 26th a day leaving 219 days in the year. Michael Joseph Jackson = 1367 trigonal. 1367 is the 219th prime. He was born in Gary Indiana area code 219. Permissive dialing of 219 continued across northern Indiana until June 14, 2002.Trump turned 56 that day. Michael Jackson born right at 263 months after the Golden Gate Bridge opening ceremony. 263 the 56th prime. Indianapolis 500’s attendance exceeds 300,000. It began in 1911. This year’s Indy 500 Will be 119 months 1 day after Michael Jackson died. MJ born 1109 weeks 1 day after the Golden Gate Bridge opened. Jackson “Five”… Indianapolis “Five” Hundred. The Hyades asterism is in the shape of a V like the Roman Numeral for 5. Hyades = 257 satanic. 55th prime. Indiana = 34 reduced. Indiana Pacers = 393 ext. Indianapolis = 393 ext

393 is another one of those eclipse numbers Derek the gematrinator has uncovered.  Enneadecaeteris = 393 Jewish.  This is Greeks for 19 years as in the 19 year Sun-Moon cycle aka the Metonic Cycle.  Indiana the 19th state.


Michael Jackson was born 8/29/1958 under a Full Moon


The Hoosier State = 218 rev ordinal

Moon = 218 hebrew gematria


The upcoming Full Moon (Super Snow Moon) is on 2-19-2019 and will be the 19th Full Moon since the Great American Total Solar Eclipse in 2017.  It’s also occurring under lunation 1189.  There are 1189 chapters in the Bible.