Kobe Bryant, 326, Dayton Flyers & Sirius

So, I’m just going to write what I know and may come back with some graphics later.  When Kobe died he was 2161 weeks old.  2161 is the 326th prime.  He died 326 days after Shaquille Oneal’s 47th birthday and 326 days to Pope Francis’ 84th birthday.  Kobe is a Catholic.  The Moon was at 326° of the ecliptic when he passed. Barni Yarnum of discord pointed out that 57 + the 57th prime (269) = 326.  Alicia Keys performed Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata at Kobe’s memorial.  Beethoven born 3/26.  “Moon” = 57 ordinal. Kobe was born in ’78 and the 326th verse of Revelation leaves 78 remaining. 326 is the Hebrew Gematria value for the “Pentagrammaton” the five letter hebrew word for Jesus.  KBB is 11,2,2.  JFK died 11/22 the 326th day of the year.

I first came across the 326 in basketball a couple of years ago while looking into the fact that the glyph for Pisces is on every basketball.  Julius Erving starred in a film called “The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh”.  It’s about forming a team made up of players born under the astrological sign of Pisces.  Julius Erving is actually a Pisces in real life.  He wore two numbers in his career: 32 and 6.  His career points total is 30,026.

And more recently I came across a significant 326 find.  Dayton, Ohio is adopting a 326 area code starting March 9th, 2020.  It’s interesting that the Dayton Flyers are having a tremendous season currently ranked 4th in the nation.  The last time they went to the championship was in 1967 where they lost to Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s UCLA Bruins.

Sirius Connection:

So I mentioned Kobe and Revelation.  The septenary Value for the 326th verse of Revelation is 595. 595 is the Greek Isopsephy Value for “Sirius”.  The middle chapter of the bible, Psalm 117, is the 595th chapter and has an English Ordinal value of 1597. 1597 is the 17th Fibonacci number and 251st prime number.  251 is the 54th prime and “Venus” = 54.  I will probably do another post on all of the Venus connections for Kobe.  Kobe Bryant died a span of 1597 days after Moses Malone.  Kobe born in Philadelphia, Erving played his entire NBA career in Philadelphia and Malone won his only championship with Philadelphia.  Dayton also has this Philadelphia connection.  Dayton Flyers… Philadelphia Flyers…..  Dayton = 595 Jewish

The Fibonacci sequence encodes “PHI” the golden ratio.  Philadelphia Warriors become the “Golden” State Warriors.  Golden Gate Bridge…

Golden Gate Bridge = 267 Franc Baconis
Kobe Bean Bryant = 267 Franc Baconis
Philadelphia has the 267 area code

The Astronomical Golden Gate is at 267° of the ecliptic.

More on Sirius is the case of Pop Smoke’s death.  ZKH has made this father son connection with 50 cent and Pop Smoke.  Pop Smoke died on Hercules Drive and Paul Walker died on Hercules Street.  Paul Walker’s death in retrospect foreshadowed the death of George Walker Bush Sr.  Could Pop Smoke’s death be a foreshadowing of George Jr’s death.  50 cent and George Jr both have July 6th birthdays.  July 6th is the day of the Sun-Sirius conjunction and it’s recently come to my attention that Sirius B revolves around Sirius A every 50 years.  The Sun-Sirius conjunction will come a day early this year since it’s a leap year.


Obi Toppin of the Dayton Flyers was born 4210 days after Kobe.  421 is the 82nd prime and the Queen’s birthday.  This year’s NCAA tournament will be the 82nd.

This post is subject to additions and updates.

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