Mercury Counts: JFK, Kobe, Bernie & the USA

The orbital period of Mercury is 87.97 days.

Kobe Bryant turned exactly 172 Mercury years on the day of his death.  His Mercury was in Aquarius (heliocentric sidereal)  (15131 days divided by 87.97 equals 172)

It’s no mystery by now that Kobe is coded to the Corona virus.  The Coronavirus gets a major headline boost today February 25th as Mercury Conjuncts the Sun and  Donald Trump turns 306 Mercury years old.  Donald’s Mercury is in Leo (heliocentric sidereal)

John F Kennedy & America born with Mercury in the Golden Gate:

The location for Mercury for the birth of America and the birth of John F. Kennedy was 271° of the ecliptic using heliocentric coordinates.  271° is the intersection of the Galactic and Ecliptic planes and what many astrologers define as the location of the Golden Gate.  America was exactly 585 Mercury years old when JFK was born and 778 Mercury years old the day he died.  You could say it was the last day of America being 777 Mercury years old.  585 is the earthquake code.  The study of earthquakes is said to have began in the year 585BC.

John F Kennedy was exactly 193 Mercury years old when he died.  Those of us who follow gematria know about the 193 and murder.  193 is the 44th prime and words like “Kill” “execution” sum to 44.

“John F. Kennedy” = 193 reverse ordinal

Mercury Rules Gemini & Virgo

All of the people mentioned in this post are either Gemini or Virgo.

These findings were inspired by RAMBO of

See his brilliant Mercury post here: Rambo’s Corner: Mercury Code

33 Solar Years is equivalent to 137 Mercury Years & 137 is the 33rd prime.

Edit: Not sure how Bernie was left out of this post since he’s in the title.  Anyways, Bernie turns 326 Mercury years old on the Ides of March.  [Click Here] for the post I did on Kobe Bryant and the number 326

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