Joe Diffie, Jason Aldean, Alex Jones & Mercury Transit

Joe Diffie dies on the 911th day since the Las Vegas Shooting 10/1/2017.


His namesake is featured in the Jason Aldean song “1994”.  Jason Aldean was performing during the Vegas shooting. Jason Aldean was born exactly 218 months after Joe Diffie. 12/28/58 to 2/28/77. Death = 218 ext. This is no doubt a Mercury tribute. “Mercury” = 1228 ext. Diffie born 12/28 exactly 218 months before Aldean. There was a Mercury transit on 11/11/2019 exactly 218 months after 9/11/2001. Diffie dead 163 days after Event 201. 163 the 38th prime. “Death” = 38. “R.I.P.” = 38. Diffie dead 38 days before May 6th which is 201 days after Event 201 and 218 days after the anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting. (Event 201 was 10/18/2019)

Hermes = 218 Jewish

Jason Aldean = 201 rev ordinal
Event 201….. Diffie dies of Coronavirus.  Event 201 simulated a Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Gematrinator brings in another wrinkle when observing that “Mercury” = 86.

Today was 86 weeks after August 6th 2018. The 218th day of 2018.  On that day Alex Jones was 86’d from social media.  I did a post on Bruce Willis and JFK and their Mercury ages. On August 6th 2020 Alex Jones will be this same age.

JFK’s age when he was assassinated


Bruce Willis’ age on 9/11. He did the film Mercury Rising20200329_191309

Alex Jones age on 8/6/202020200329_191330

Alex Jones = 1111 Jewish.  The most recent Mercury transit was on 11/11/2019

Bob Dylan Releases JFK Tribute on 3/26

Bob Dylans video uploaded on 3/26. JFK died on 11/22 the 326th day of the year. 11th letter is K 2nd is B 2nd is B. Kobe Bean Bryant. Kobe also a Catholic died 326 days before the Pope’s 84th birthday at 2161 weeks of age. 2161 the 326th prime. 5 letter Hebrew name for Jesus the pentagrammaton sums to 326.

JFK born on America’s 585th Mercury birthday. He was assassinated on the last day of America being 777 Mercury years old. Next Mercury bday for America and JFK is April 1st. JFK a Gemini. Gemini ruled by Mercury.

Bob Dylan’s given name is “Robert Allen Zimmerman” = 234 ordinal. April 1st is 234 Mercury Years after the JFK assassination.


Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers 1977, Nashville, USA

Kenny Rogers born 612 days after Pope Francis. Revelation 6:12 about an Earthquake and Eclipse. Pulse was on 6/12. He died 1377 days after Pulse. 1377 is the ordinal value for Revelation 8:11. Wormwood

Born in Houston. Story out of Houston about a couple who tipped Irma’s Restaurant 9400 dollars. Time stamped 6:22:20 on the receipt. June 22nd is 94 days after Kennys death and Kenny died 94 days after the Pope.

Died 1481 days to the 2nd great american eclipse on 4/8/2024. Kenneth Ray Rogers = 1481. The movie “The Gambler” premiered 4/8/1980. Born 8/21/1938 or 79 years before the 1st great american eclipse. 79 years is the opposition cycle of Mars. It was in the same place on 8/21/2017 as it was on his bday 8/21/1938

The date to date from the films release to his death reduces to the 267th prime. Days remaining on April 8th is 267. Galactic Center at 267°

Oh my god they killed kenny = 267 ordinal

267 Philadelphia area code

In season 9 episode 11 of South Park ,released 11/9/2005, Cartman briefly hums Kenny Rogers’ “Lucille”



Back last year I met an up-and-coming gematria researcher, Flauwy, and shared my work with him predominately on the astrological Golden Gate.  I was astonished at how quickly he absorbed the information.  He’s taken this work to a whole new level.  His research skills surpass anyone I’ve seen in the community and he backs it up with a top-of-the-line presentation that makes the subject easy to absorb for newcomers.  You can see some of what he’s done here:  FLAUWY

Uranus Neptune & the First Jesuit Pope

Tomorrow is 239 years old since the discovery date for Uranus.  239 is the Weather/Chemical warfare number.  “Flood” = 52 ordinal 239 the 52nd prime.
Torah = 239 jewish 611 hebrew
Uranus = 611 Jewish

Uranus discovery date is 3/13/1781.  Uranus has a orbital period of 84 years almost exactly 84 years so it spends about seven years in each sign of the Zodiac.  Tomorrow is Pope Francis Seventh Anniversary as Pope.  Uranus is the planet of sudden change!!  Francis turns 84 this year.

“Jesuit” = 84 ordinal  10+5+19+21+9+20

Neptune’s discovery date is 9/23/1846.  That date can be written 23/9 and is the 266th day of the year.  Pope Francis is the 266th pope.  He gave the speech at the white house @9:23am on 9/23/2015.

Biden, Sanders, Mercury in Scorpio, DecodingSatan (Friday the 13th)

Click here for Decoding Satan’s work on Friday the 13th

Biden Sanders

Biden and Sanders were each born with their Mercury in Scorpio.  Their Mercury birthdays are less than two days apart.  So we have Biden turning 321 Mercury years old on Friday the 13th which is also the beginning of his 322nd Mercury return.  Sanders meanwhile turns 326 two days later.

I’ve been looking at Mercury positions for historical market crashes and a consistent pattern emerges.  Mercury is almost always in a water sign for the historical dates.  1987, 1929, 2008 all water signs: CANCER SCORPIO PISCES

“Mercury in Scorpio” = 1189 Jewish.  That’s the number of chapters in the Bible.
Remember the 929 coding for the Tennessee tornadoes and Trump.  Tennessee was exactly 929 Mercury years old for the Tornadoes and Trump came for a visit 3 days later when he was 26,929 days old.  That’s the number of chapters in the Old Testament.  2008 crash on 9/29 and the 1929 crash (929).

Looking at the 1929 Crash:  It began 1 week out of a Mercury retrograde.  Mercury came out of retrograde on the 9th.  So we’re thinking an even bigger downturn is in the works for either Friday the 13th or Monday the 16th.  Mercury enters Scorpio this afternoon March 11th and will remain in Scorpio through March 21st.  Anyways just wanted to get this info out there real fast.  I’m leaving so many alignments for the 13th out.  Check out this post from decoding satan on the sabbath of the red heifer being Friday the 13th.

Click here for Decoding Satan’s Work on Friday the 13th