Bruce Willis & Mercury Rising Encode JFK & 911

Illustrations to come soon.  Bruce Willis was the same age on 9/11 that JFK was on the day of his assassination.  193 Mercury years old.  “John F Kennedy” = 193 reverse ordinal. Bruce Willis born March 19th or 19/3

Bruce Willis, Lee Harvey Oswald & 9/11 share a Mercurial birthday.

9/11 turns 77 Mercury years old on the evening of March 28th going into March 29th.  March 28th seems more significant since its the 88th day of the year and Mercury has an 88 day orbital period.  Remember how important 77 was to 9/11.  Flight 77 crashes into the 77 foot tall Pentagon 77 minutes after takeoff.

Link to my video: Mercury Rising & Bruce

Link to original  JFK Mercury Post

Link to Bob Dylan JFK tribute & the 326

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