Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers 1977, Nashville, USA

Kenny Rogers born 612 days after Pope Francis. Revelation 6:12 about an Earthquake and Eclipse. Pulse was on 6/12. He died 1377 days after Pulse. 1377 is the ordinal value for Revelation 8:11. Wormwood

Born in Houston. Story out of Houston about a couple who tipped Irma’s Restaurant 9400 dollars. Time stamped 6:22:20 on the receipt. June 22nd is 94 days after Kennys death and Kenny died 94 days after the Pope.

Died 1481 days to the 2nd great american eclipse on 4/8/2024. Kenneth Ray Rogers = 1481. The movie “The Gambler” premiered 4/8/1980. Born 8/21/1938 or 79 years before the 1st great american eclipse. 79 years is the opposition cycle of Mars. It was in the same place on 8/21/2017 as it was on his bday 8/21/1938

The date to date from the films release to his death reduces to the 267th prime. Days remaining on April 8th is 267. Galactic Center at 267°

Oh my god they killed kenny = 267 ordinal

267 Philadelphia area code

In season 9 episode 11 of South Park ,released 11/9/2005, Cartman briefly hums Kenny Rogers’ “Lucille”

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