Bob Dylan Releases JFK Tribute on 3/26

Bob Dylans video uploaded on 3/26. JFK died on 11/22 the 326th day of the year. 11th letter is K 2nd is B 2nd is B. Kobe Bean Bryant. Kobe also a Catholic died 326 days before the Pope’s 84th birthday at 2161 weeks of age. 2161 the 326th prime. 5 letter Hebrew name for Jesus the pentagrammaton sums to 326.

JFK born on America’s 585th Mercury birthday. He was assassinated on the last day of America being 777 Mercury years old. Next Mercury bday for America and JFK is April 1st. JFK a Gemini. Gemini ruled by Mercury.

Bob Dylan’s given name is “Robert Allen Zimmerman” = 234 ordinal. April 1st is 234 Mercury Years after the JFK assassination.


3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Releases JFK Tribute on 3/26”

    1. Thanks bro!! 234 + 432 = 666
      234 = 13×18
      Revelation 13:18 is about 666
      432 = 2×216. 216=6×6×6

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