Joe Diffie, Jason Aldean, Alex Jones & Mercury Transit

Joe Diffie dies on the 911th day since the Las Vegas Shooting 10/1/2017.


His namesake is featured in the Jason Aldean song “1994”.  Jason Aldean was performing during the Vegas shooting. Jason Aldean was born exactly 218 months after Joe Diffie. 12/28/58 to 2/28/77. Death = 218 ext. This is no doubt a Mercury tribute. “Mercury” = 1228 ext. Diffie born 12/28 exactly 218 months before Aldean. There was a Mercury transit on 11/11/2019 exactly 218 months after 9/11/2001. Diffie dead 163 days after Event 201. 163 the 38th prime. “Death” = 38. “R.I.P.” = 38. Diffie dead 38 days before May 6th which is 201 days after Event 201 and 218 days after the anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting. (Event 201 was 10/18/2019)

Hermes = 218 Jewish

Jason Aldean = 201 rev ordinal
Event 201….. Diffie dies of Coronavirus.  Event 201 simulated a Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Gematrinator brings in another wrinkle when observing that “Mercury” = 86.

Today was 86 weeks after August 6th 2018. The 218th day of 2018.  On that day Alex Jones was 86’d from social media.  I did a post on Bruce Willis and JFK and their Mercury ages. On August 6th 2020 Alex Jones will be this same age.

JFK’s age when he was assassinated


Bruce Willis’ age on 9/11. He did the film Mercury Rising20200329_191309

Alex Jones age on 8/6/202020200329_191330

Alex Jones = 1111 Jewish.  The most recent Mercury transit was on 11/11/2019

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