Kobe Bryant, Pluto & 248

Kobe wore the numbers 24 and 8. He announced early in 2006 he would switch at the beginning of the 2006-07 season which was the time period of Pluto passing through the Golden Gate.  Pluto was demoted as a planet on 24/8 in 2006. Kobe also got his 81 pts game in ’06.  Pluto has a 248 year orbital period.  Kobe died two days after the beginning of the 248th lunation of the Millenium. Yesterday was the 248th lunar sidereal return since 9/11.  There was an Earthquake in Idaho 2048 kilometers from Dealey Plaza.


See the video I did on the JFK-Kobe-Earthquake connection here.

It was 20585 days after the JFK assassination. Remember JFK was born on America’s 585th Mercury birthday.

But back to Pluto.  “Bob b” of discord shared this with me.



I’ll be looking into this more but wanted to get out a preliminary post as it’s way overdue.

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