Kamala Harris, Venus & Regulus in Virgo

August 11th, 2020 was a date I had my eye on for a while since in 2019 I noticed that Jimmy Garappolo of the San Francisco 49ers was born with Venus at Maximum Elongation as a Morning Star.  This happened again on August 11th, 2020 making Jimmy Garappolo 18 Venus Synodic Cycles old.  Kamala Harris was born 10008 days after the Golden Gate Bridge opened.  “Venus” = 18 reduction.  Of course Kamala was born in the Bay area and was District Attorney of San Francisco for seven years.

Regulus moved into Virgo back in 2012. Using stellarium the exact date for this transition was August 13th, 2012.  Venus and the Earth orbit the earth at a ratio of 13:8 reminding us of the date August 13th.  August 13th is also the 225th day of the year and 225 days is the orbital period of Venus.  If you move forward exactly 5 synodic cycles of Venus from the  day Regulus moved into Virgo you get to the date of August 11th, 2020, the day Kamala Harris was selected as Biden’s VP. Again both of these dates (8/13/2012 and 8/11/2020) had Venus at maximum elongation as a morning star.  Kamala is a Libra which is one of the two signs ruled by Venus. 

So, to recount, the August 13th 2012 date is when Regulus a star of royalty and authority moved into tropical Virgo a place of feminine power.  And to add to this feminine power you had Venus reaching maximum elongation as the morning star on a date (August 13th) that we can argue better represents Venus than any other date on the calendar if only from a numerical standpoint.

Below I’m showing the degree change using stellarium.  You can see that the ecliptic longitude (on date) for Regulus changes from 149° to 150°.  Virgo in the tropical zodiac ranges from 150° to 180°.  

Below you will see proof that August 11th, 2020 was a date when Venus reached maximum elongation as a morning star. This only happens once every 584 days. Elongation is simply angular distance from the Sun. Venus can go as far as 47° from the Sun. Below I’ll show just before max, at max, and right after max.

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