Whitney Houston the Moon & Sirius

Whitney Houston died on the day she turned 600 lunar months old.  Divide this by 12 and you see that she was exactly 50 lunar years old for her day of death.  Her death was due to “drowning” = 50 reduced.  Sirius A and Sirius B also orbit one another in a period of 50 years.

In my previous post I talked about the 595 sirius code.  Whitney Houston was exactly 5.95 years old for the Moon landing of July 20th, 1969. Of course, Houston is associated with the Apollo missions to the Moon. She died exactly 569 lunar sidereal months after the Moon Landing.  569 is the 104th prime number.  Sirius moved to 104° of the ecliptic on April 30th, 1994.  I’ll talk more about this in just a moment.  The 104 is important because “drowning” and “Whitney” sum to 104 in the english ordinal cipher.

Whitney 104

Sirius’ degree change and the Moon Landing:
“Sirius” = 95 english ordinal.  The degree change occurred 9050 days after the Moon Landing.  This was 11,222 days after Whitney was born which is equivalent to exactly 380 lunar months.  “Death” = 38 reduced.  Whitney would die 220 lunar months after the degree change.  Once again that date was 4/30/1994.

220+380 = 600.  You might could consider 1994 the peak of her career as she took home 3 awards from the 36th Grammy’s including album of the year.  The date was 3/1/1994 which was the 60th day of the year.  Sirius would change degrees 60 days later on April 30th.  She died at 600 lunar months old.  The 36th triangular is 666.  She was born in “Newark” = 666 ext.

Whitney Houston was born during the time of Sirius’ helical rising.

It’s also important to note that her death occurred during a lunar opposition to her birth Moon.  She was born with her Moon in Aries and died with her Moon in Libra.

Here’s a shot showing that Sirius had technically risen at the time of Whitney’s birth.  You can see that at sunrise Sirius had an altitude close to 10°

Whitney 104

These photos show Sirius moving to 104°

degree change 1degree change 2

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