George Floyd as Venus

Floyd’s death seems to be another ritual destruction of the divine feminine. Knee (Capricorn) in the Neck (Taurus).  Floyd is a Libra.  Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn represents government and authority.  Taurus is the 2nd sign and Capricorn is the 10th sign. Floyd died 210 days to the start of Capricorn which is typically on 12/21 the winter solstice and the date of the 2020 Great Conjunction.  12:21 is 741 minutes. Saturn = 741.

We should be celebrating Venus right now as it comes into conjunction with the sun tomorrow June 3rd 2020. Venus is love.  Tomorrow will mark 251 years since the Revelation 12 sign that Seven7One1 founs.  Venus = 54 and 251is the 54th prime.  Kobe died 2510 days into Francis’ reign.  His death was so important to Venus which was centered in Pisces.  I’ve shown in another post the significance of Pisces to basketball.

Taurus is said to represent material wealth. African Americans are suffering disproportionately due to the coronavirus.  They’ve taken the greatest hit economically and the greatest hit on lives lost.

The Dung Beetle: The Sun is Shit



Just doing a quick post pointing out Rambo’s work on feces.  Could this be “the end”. Get it?  Anyways, thought it was funny he mentions shit and the Beatles in the same post because it made me think of the sacred scarab beetle that rolls shit.  I admit that initially I was a bit apprehensive about Rambo’s latest area of study but given the scarab connection it really reinforces that he’s really onto something.  This is why we get the coronavirus and toilet paper connection.  Corona relates to the Sun and so does dung.

Rambo’s Post

I’m also wondering if anyone else noticed houses being rolled/t.p.’d over the memorial day weekend.  I was always under the impression that this was reserved for Halloween/Autumn



Mercury & 28


The magic square of Mercury sums to 2080.

The maximum angular distance from the Sun for Mercury as observed from earth is 28°.

The synodic cycle for Mercury is 116 days.

The orbital period for Mercury is 88 days.

That’s a difference of 28 days.

Air = 28 ordinal.


Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, Mercury & Trump

I did a short video showing how Donald Trump turned exactly 302 Mercury years old when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed.  Mercury among many things is the God of transportation.  He also sports wings. Think about JFK and the Air Force 1 color scheme that Trump wants to redesign + his beef with Boeing early on in his presidency. Caroline Kennedy sits on Boeing’s board of directors. Voted in on World Lion Day..  August 10th 2017. It was Lion Air Flight 610 that crashed a few months prior on the 302nd day of the year: October 29th, 2018

And as Rambo reminds us JFK and Trump are both Geminis. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury.

Also keep in mind the date of March 10th which would be written 10/3 in most of the world.  JFK would’ve turned 103 this month if he were still living. “Mercury” = 103 ordinal.

Mercury & Double Rainbow Guy




Zenith of the Alpha did a video about how God begins to explain in the 218th verse of Genesis the token of the covenant he makes with earth not to destroy it with a flood again.  That token is the rainbow.



Notice that he died exactly four years to the day after appearing on Slooh’s livestream of the transit of Mercury.  You can see him on the livestream at 7:21:00

Slooh Video on Mercury Transit Featuring Bear Vasquez

During his appearance he is quoted as saying “What do those numbers mean. It has to mean something” when referring to the “regular intervals” of celestial events.

Rest in Peace Bear

Death = 218 ext

Don’t let Tiger make you forget Rabbit: Michael Jordan & Lebron


Michael Jordan was born 23 days into a rabbit year. His documentary comes out 144 weeks before the start of the next rabbit year in ’23. He did Space Jam with Bugs Bunny. Lebron also wears 23. Lebron means “Hare”.


Lebron will also be starring in the Space Jam Sequel set to release in 2021.

I’ve been aware of the rabbit as a symbol of the Moon for sometime, though I seem to have forgotten that this association originated in Chinese folklore which makes the use of the chinese zodiac all the more relevant.

Click here for information on the Chinese Moon Goddess and Rabbit Companion