Capella Hotel Site of the U.S.-North Korea Summit

Every year on June 12th the Sun and fixed star Capella come into conjunction. Capella means “Little She-Goat.” Sometimes called Amalthea in honor of the nurse who reared Jupiter upon the milk of the goat.

Here is the chart for the beginning of the meeting. Here we see Capella and the Sun about to move into the 11th house, the house of friendship where the Moon (Moon Jae-In?) is waiting for them.


Vesta: Goddess & Asteroid June 13th & June 26th

There will be an important placement coming up on June 27th. Vesta will be at 266 conjunct the Moon. This will be 523 days from Trump’s first day as president. Donald Trump = 523 Satanic. Of course June 26th is maybe an even more interesting date. Written as 26/6 in most of the world and will be his 523rd day as President. 523 is the 99th prime. Jupiter = 99 ordinal cipher. Trump is Jupiter possibly and Jupiter is in Scorpio…. Jupiter in Scorpio = 777 Satanic

So Vesta will hit 266°59’59” on 26/6 Universal Time. See here:

Why is this 266 placement significant? Currently it’s mostly due to the Pope. So much 266 is encoded to him. Of course I showed how Chris Cornell’s death was a tribute to Pope Francis and the Galactic Center so I’m expecting a major ritual for this placement.

Youtuber “Schism206” does an excellent job of showing the significsnce of Vesta in the JFK assassination. See here: JFK & Vesta

Vesta astrologically is represented by fire. Sagittarius is a fire sign. So once Vesta crosses 270 we can probably expect some fireworks. This actually will happen on June 13th between 9 and 10 am

March 2nd & March 29th 2019 Dates to Watch

Youtube vids on these dates:

March 2nd, 2019

March 29th, 2019

Donnie Darko begins and ends on 10/2/1988

On October 2nd, 1988 Saturn was at the 266th ecliptic longitude. Pope Francis the 266th Pope. Chris Cornell died exactly 218 weeks after he became Pope (by initial reports) on a day where Saturn was at the 266th ecliptic moving retrograde from Sagittarius to Ophiuchus. Francis was born moments after the Sun hit the 266th ecliptic on 12.17.1936 @9pm “The Moon Pope” = 2066 sqares. 266 is the location of the galactic center, the galactic center the location of the black hole. (Black Hole Sun) The Ophiuchus Sun = 1818. Sun in Ophiuchus = 1367 Eng Ext. 1367 the 219th prime. Trump sworn in with the Moon at the 219th ecliptic. Moon Worship = 1367 Jewish. Moon President = 219 Francis Bacon. “Two hundred nineteen” = 218 ordinal Moon = 218 hebrew gematria & “Death” & “Isis” = 218 englsh gematria. Of course the Protestant Reformation which no doubt was a catalyst for death began with Pope Leo X the 218th pope. And I think why the 267 is activated is because the Galactic Center is transitioning to the 267th ecliptic. 9.23 is the 266th day of the year. on 9.22.2015 923 days into his papacy Francis arrived in D.C. giving a White House speech the next morning on 9.23 starting at 9.23. Of course it’s mirror date Zenith mentioned in his latest video is 3.29 (March 29th) the 88th day. Isis sums to 88 in hebrew gematria. Very much a moon number 88 is. March 29th, 2019 is 2207 days after Francis’ papacy began. 2207 the 329th prime and March 29th, 2019 begins the 218th lunar month since 9/11/2001. Francis became Pope on 3/13/13 the 2nd 6th and 6th primes (266). 3/29/19 the 2nd 10th and 8th primes (218) maybe 3/2/19 will be special as well. oh yea of course that would be 2180 days after 3/13/13. 3/2/19 the 2nd 1st and 8th primes. This is 218 days after the blood moon on 7.27.2018 which happens to be the same Saros Cycle Trump was born under.

Donald Trump is Donnie Darko

“Donnie Darko” = 218 Franc Baconis

Israeli Independence Day + The 4.20 Green Moon

Technically the exact date of Independence began tonight at sundown (19th of April 2018) and will run to tomorrow evening but was officially celebrated on the 19th as to not interfere with the Sabbath Day.

So, I believe the biggest of these numbers has to be the 612. 612 days from The Pulse Nightclub Shooting on 6.12.16 to the Marjory Stoneman Shooting on 2.14.18.

Zachary K Hubbard on 612

If you’re not aware the student body of Marjory Stoneman Douglas is said to be 40% Jewish and is in a County (Broward) that is 10% Jewish

link to article

110 is intriguing with 4.20 being the 110th day if the year.

There’s also the 47. Foundation = 47 reduced.

Israel is Celebrating its 70th Anniversary as a country.

Seventieth Year = 666 Satanic, 577 primes.

81 is big for many in the gematria community for the “Golden Gate Bridge” = 81 reduced.

And back to the 110 (ya never know)

green moon article

So, about this green moon…. It’s absurd to think anyone with even a 3rd grade education would believe there’s an actual Green Moon…. But here you have this article warning people not to fall for “The Green Moon Hoax”

Have a safe Four Twenty!!!

Seaplane Crashes in Sydney

So, I theorized in my last post [see here] we would see more for Australia in the way of big news. My date was December 30th with the Moon going into the Hyades star cluster.

Before I go into the plane crash here’s something I missed. Check out the position (Zenith) of the Moon for the time of the Melbourne Car attack.

So, the event came a day after I predicted but still the Moon was in the vicinity of Hyades.

Hyades = 577 trigonal

Sea Plane Crash = 577 Satanic

Not sure how else to tie in Francis beyond numbers but he’s a key figure regardless. Also noticed a ton of 55 coding. Richard Cousins, then CEO of Compass Group, died in the crash along with his two sons, fiance and her daughter. Seems someone may have had it out for Richard.

Crashed into Jerusalem Bay off of “Cowan Creek” CC = 33

kill = 44

Compass Group = 55 reduced, 151 ALW

sacrifice = 55 single reduced

Moon was in the “Silver Gate” = 55 single reduced

Sydney’s Coordinates are 151°E and 33°S. The 33rd parallels are prime for rituals but

“The Silver Gate” = 151 ordinal

And this significance is something I had missed earlier. The New Year began with the Moon in the Silver Gate. Silver Gate being one of the two intersections of the Galactic Plane and the Ecliptic Plane. Precisely this would be at the 86th ecliptic but there’s reason to this ritual being done at the 82nd. This is the 22nd degree of the third sign Gemini. (223). There are 223 synodic months in a Saros Cycle. “The Moon” = 223 hebrew gematria. Plus….

Screenshots from Stellarium at the precise time of the Crash. (Location set to Sydney of Course)

Thought it was peculiar that the Azimuth was 266°. Pope Francis the 266th pope. I doubt the time was an accident either.

That’s 15:15 military time

1515 = ISIS….. the Moon Goddess….

Alas! Just came across this image to drive home the significance of this ritual and tie it into the Vatican.

You see?! Where was the Moon on this day? On the horns of Taurus….

Link to Silver Gate Explanation

Santos Bonacci talk on the Galactic Plane