December 29th: Will Stevie Nicks Die On The Edge of ’17?

From Stevie Nicks’ last birthday to 12.29 is a span of 218 days

12.29.2017 is a span of 131 days after the total solar eclipse on 21/8.

1.31 is the date of the first blood moon of Trump’s presidency.

12.29 to 1.31 is 33 days

Stevie Nicks Vevo released Hers and Tom Petty’s duet Stop Draggin My Heart Around on 6.19.2017

From 6.19 to 12.29 is 193 days. 193 is the 44th prime.

Kill = 44 ordinal

Tom Petty died on 10.2.2017. From this day to 12.29 is 88 days.

Isis = 88 hebrew gematria.

There’s is so much more for this date.


Warren Moon: Another Victim of Sexual Accusations + Seattle Earthquake Coding


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Warren Moon accused of sexual harassment 3 months 2 weeks 1 day after the eclipse.

Seattle = 321 Jewish

That’s also 107 days

Seattle = 107 reverse ordinal

Earthquake = 107 ordinal

The date of the accusation. 12-6. Can also be written 6-12

Revelation 6:12 (KJV)
12And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

This is the 108th verse of Revelation

Seattle = 108 Francis Bacon

Warren Moon ended his career in Seattle and now resides and works in the area as a color commentator for the Seattle Seahawks

Warren spent six years in the Canadian Football League (CFL)

Saturn is the 6th planet. Revelation 6:12 is about the sixth seal.

“Book of the Seven Seals” = 218 ordinal

December 6th is a span of 57 days removed from the upcoming Blood Moon on 1.31.2017

Other Notable Numbers:

His career TD-INT in the CFL was 144-77

12.29.2017 Tupac, Trump, The Moon and Submarine

57 seems to be a trending number lately so I thought to look up the start of the Hebrew Year 5757.

Of course “Moon” = 57 ordinal

And it just so happens that Tupac died on the first day of the Hebrew year “Rosh Hashanah” of 5757. Friday, September 13th, 1996 at 4:03pm pacific time. That’s 16:03 military.

403 = 13×31 “Saturn”

Friday the Thirteenth = 888 satanic

163 = 38th prime

Death = 38 ordinal

Rosh Hashanah = 57 reduced

The Hebrew New Year always begins on a New Moon and these “people” like to code black celebrities with the New Moon. And as fate would have it, it was a Virgo New Moon. I wrote about this in a previous post

click here for new moon virgo post

For the gematrinator:

Tupac was born exactly 44 years before Trump announced his candidacy on 6.16.2015.


343 days into Trumps presidency or 11 months 9 days.

343 = 7x7x7

This is also 7777 days after Tupac died or 21 years 3 months 2 weeks 2 days

Back to 44

Tupac Amaru Shakur = 193 ordinal

193 is the 44th prime

kill = 44

12.29.2017 is 44 days after the Argentinan Submarine with a crew of 44 went missing.

This is also 33 days before the blood moon on January 31st, 2018

In Western Astrology 9.13.1996 was a Libra New Moon

March 30th, 2018: Trump’s 888th Lunar Month & Seven7One1’s 57 Month Countdown

I’ve spoken of this month often over the course of 2017. Trump’s 888th lunar month will be March 2018.

March = 2018 satanic

Beware the Ides of March = 888 satanic

Saturn said to be 888 million miles from the sun.

888 is made of 6 circles. 6 circles times 360° = 2160°. 2160 miles is the appx diameter of the Moon. The corners of a cube add up to 2160°. 888 is a coding of the Moon and Saturn.

Trump our Saturnian president whose first birthday as president occurred during a Sun Saturn opposition which by definition begins Saturn’s synodic cycle.

So why is 3.30.2018 special?

From Trump’s inauguration on 1.20.2017 to 3.30.2018 is exactly 62 weeks.

Sixty Two Weeks = 218 ordinal & 218 is the value for moon in hebrew gematria. 62 is the number of times Moon is mentioned in the Bible. Saturn is said to have 62 moons officially.

The sum of divisors of 218 are 330 like the date 3.30….. 3.30.2018 has some very special date numerology. Check it out at 3.30.2018 will be the last day of Trumps 888th lunar month.

Moon = 57 ordinal

Seven7One1 has done some groundbreaking work on the 57 moons leading up to WW3

57 Moons WW3 Video (click here)

This series begins on 6.12.2014 @9.11pm Seattle Time @the 262nd ecliptic longitude. Perfect to start the 57 moon countdown since Trump was born with his Moon @ the 262nd ecliptic. The full moon on 6.12/6.13.2014 was Trump’s 841st moon. 841 = 29×29 and 29 is the 10th prime so with the prime factor placements this would be a 1010.

Revelation = 1010 Jewish

The Full Moon on 3.31.2018 will be the 47th moon in the series if you count from 0. This will make 2018 begin with the 44th moon (again counting from zero). Counting from 1 we just had the 44th moon on December 3rd and the 47th moon will fall on March 1st. Again, either way this is highlighting March 2018 more and more.

A couple more things to add to the relevance of the 57 moon countdown. 6.13.2014 was the day before Trump turned 68 beginning his 69th year and counting from zero (by lunar month) Trump would become president during the 33rd lunar month from this date. 6.12/6.13.2014

As my gematria pal Rabbi Mahdi says, “There’s always more”

***may add graphics later***

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Notes: So depending on the choice or style of count we will begin 2018 with the 44 or 45th moon. Perfect, since Trump is the 45th and 44th prez ;-]

Mercury Goes Retrograde at 269

Just wanted to do a quick post on Mercury Retrograde. Mercury went retrograde already aroumd 2am this morning. (12.3.2017). This occurred at the 269th ecliptic. 269 is the 57th prime. Moon = 57 ordinal. Interesting considering it’s happening on this years only Super Moon.

This retrograde will end on 12.22 with Mercury at precisely 253.00. 253 is the 22nd triangular number.

2017 Mercury Retrograde

They say Mercury Retrogrades bring mayhem. We shall see. Mercury has an 88 day orbital period. Trump = 88.

Mercury Retrograde = 266 Francis Bacon.

Mercury comes out of retrograde on 12.22 after hitting the 253.00 ecliptic and climbing back up. 253 is the 22nd prime and 22 is the master builder number. The date 12.22 written backwards is 2221 like the last verse of Revelation: Rev 22:21.

A Very Special Winter Solstice 2017

The Winter Solstice!! It marks the return of longer days in the Northern Hemisphere. I imagine that the reverence given to the heliacal rising of Sirius by ancient Egyptians, which marked the annual return of the flooding of the Nile, must’ve been similar in magnitude to the reverence given by Germanic and Nordic peoples toward the return of longer days, the return of the Sun.

But, I won’t pretend to be an expert anthropologist. I’ll stick to my bit and dive into the numbers and Astrology accompanying this years Winter Solstice.

1361 is the 218th prime

This was referred to as Yule

Modraniht means “Mother’s Night”

Interesting they mention a trio, since we’re getting a rare trio of total lunar eclipses to accompany Trump’s presidency. How’s that for a segue?

The first in the series of three comes on 1.31.2018

Note the precise duration of 13:31 This is a number the Gematrinator has shown as one of the premier Saturn numbers.

President Trump is an extremely Saturn-coded president. His first birthday as president on 6.14.2017 marked the beginning of Saturn’s synodic cycle when the Sun and Saturn come in to Direct Opposition.

Sun Saturn Opposition = 218 rev o

On 12.21.17 the Sun and Saturn come back into Conjunction. This is one of several important aspects for 12.21 I’ll be pointing out.

Before I move on to those aspects I should add that from the first total solar eclipse of his presidency to the first total lunar eclipse is 163 days. That’s the 38th prime. Each are significant moon numbers in their own right.

And from his first birthday as president to the first total lunar eclipse is exactly 33 weeks.

33 is yet another moon number I’ve demonstrated with the hebrew gematria. Keep in mind that Trump was born during a total lunar eclipse.

The next aspect for this year’s Winter Solstice is that Mars will hit the 218th ecliptic longitude. This is significant when tied into Mars 266 return on 3.10.2017 which occurs a span of 2 months 18 days later. Also, keeping mind that the next day, 3.11.2017, Mars enters Sagittarius…..

Remember, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel were each born with their Mars at 266.

But to me the most significant aspect is that this will be the first day if Kiddush Levanah.

Kiddush Levanah celebrates the New Moon. The Hebrew word for Moon as well as New Moon sums to 218 in hebrew gematria.

The total solar eclipse of 21-8 occurred during the New Moon as all Solar Eclipses do

Edit: Venus will also hit 266 on 12.21

link to Kiddush Levanah post