Michael Jordan Documentary Premiers on the First Day of Taurus: 4/19/2020



April 19th 2020 is the first day of Taurus.  4-19…. 419 is the 81st prime.

Venus = 22+5+14+21+19 = 81

Venus rules Libra & Taurus

Taurus is the Bull and Jordan played for the Bulls.


This documentary releases 126 days to Kobe’s birthday and 84 days after his death. Jesuit = 84.  Kobe died on 1/26

Atlas, 5/23, Trump & JFK

Atlas is said to be making its closest approach to Earth on May 23rd.  144th day with 222 remaining.  Time and Chaos numbers.  Trump also turns 307 Mercury years old on May 23rd, 2020.  307 is the 63rd prime.  Mercury = 1228 ext and Atlas was discovered on 12/28.



Edit Addition:  notice how the 63’s are encoded into Atlas.


6030 year orbit.  The Earth Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance listed as 0.63 Astronomical Units.

JFK assassinated in the year ’63


Comet Atlas Headed Toward the Pleiades


Atlas is the father of the Pleiades.  He will be reuniting with his daughters on May 29th. This happens to be JFKs 103rd birthday. Remember how important he is to Mercury.  “Mercury” = 103 ordinal.  It’s also interesting to note that Mercury will be near the Silver Gate.

I’ve shown the importance of Eddie Murphy to the Venus-Pleiades conjunction.  It seems he is important to Atlas as well.  Murphy has six daughters.  We know that the Pleiades is said to consist of Seven Sisters but only six are visible to the naked eye.



JFK Jr’s Plane Crash on JFKs Mercury Birthday & RFKs Granddaughter’s Disappearance is 86 Mercury Orbits Later

I’ll come back with the dates and math later but JFK Jr. died on his dad’s Mercury birthday.  Today we get reports of RFKs granddaughter going missing in a canoeing accident.  This happened 86 Mercury years after JFKs plane crash. Derek has done some great work on this. This was 244 days after Saoirse’s death.  This ties into the number 19. The 19th prime is 67 and 67+19=86.  “Nineteen” = 244 Jewish gematria and “kill” = 244 hebrew gematria.


Below is the date of the JFK Jr plane crash to the date of RFKs grandaughter going missing.  Then divided by days in a Mercury orbit to give you Mercury years (86)


Mercury: 33 = 137 & 104

137 Mercury years = 33 Earth years within two days

104 Synodic Cycles of Mercury = 33 Earth Years within two days.




If you take the number of days in 33 years and divide by the days in the synodic period of Mercury you get 104.

If you take the number of days in 33 years and divide by the days in the orbital period of Mercury you get 137.  This figure is fascinating since 137 gives us back the 33 with 137 being the 33rd prime number.

Now I’m not sure if Jesus died on his 33rd birthday precisely but given this it makes you wonder if that is what we’re supposed to believe.  Again, Rambo has done some excellent work showing how Jesus connects to Mercury.

I did a three minute video demonstrating the calculations here

Mercury/Mockery Hebrew Year 5780


Great year for Mercury tributes.  Mercury the trickster of the Gods.  Today, April Fool’s, is even a Mercury birthday for America.  Perfect day to make this post.

Rambo called into TFR tonight and mentioned Mercury and the number 104.  I believe this is why Sirius gets thrown in with the Joker/Clown coding.  Sirius is at 104° of the ecliptic.  I’ll go back and listen to his segment of the show later and pick up some of those 104s.  He was talking about the reverse reduced gematria of Mercury being 41 and how that made April 1st the perfect day for a Mercury tribute.


Kobe Bryant died at the age of 41.

Rambo mentioned the duality aspect of Mercury: Good vs Evil.  Yin vs Yang. Black vs White. The Masonic chessboard is black & white and is an 8×8 which is the magic square of Mercury.  An 8×8.  Mercury’s orbital period also 88 days.

See Rambo’s April Fool’s post here