Saturn Bids Farewell to Ophiuchus on 11.18.17

It was on 5.18.2017 that Saturn re-entered the constellation Ophiuchus. On that day we had an onslaught of big news. Fox exec Roger Ailes passed away. We had the Times Square incident where a Richard Rojas (RR = two 18s) ran over some pedestrians with his Honda Accord. But overshadowing these two stories was no doubt the death of Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden most famous for his song “Black Hole Sun”.

Recall too that Chris’ death was initially reported to happen on May 17th. It was later changed to the 18th. The 17th would’ve been Saturn’s last full day in Sagittarius. The 19th will be Saturn’s first full day in Sagittarius where it will remain until 3.20.2020.

So, expect some shock and awe in the media over the course of this weekend.


Moon & Jupiter hit 218 on 11.16.17 at 18:18 CST: Expect Fireworks

I dedicate this to Stephen Shaughnessy of CTC. He reminded me about tomorrow 11.16.2017 being a day I had marked for something special. Jupiter hits 218 around 2:42am CST and the Waning Crescent Moon will join Jupiter at 218 interestingly at 18:18 CST tomorrow evening. Venus will also be in the vicinity forming a nearly perfect right, isosceles triangle in the sky.

Mercury Governs the Stock Market Again

Mercury hit the 254th ecliptic today at 1:44pm CST.

Down 117 points at 2:54pm EST. “Saturnian” = 117 ordinal

Today is Saturn’s first full day at 266. (See previous posts)

Mercury is the God of Commerce. Mercury is where we get the word Market afterall.

“Time” = 254 eng ext

“Light” = 254 eng ext

time is a measurement of light (Sun, moon, etc.)

9.11 is the 254th day of the year.

Kiddush Levana & Major Moon Gematria Discoveries

Check out the gematria for Kiddush Levana.

The 93 we should all be familiar with as a Saturn number. Saturn = 93 ordinal and is a number revered by followers of Thelema.

507 is of course in numerology a 57 like Moon which sums to 57 ordinal.

Pope Francis = 507 Satanic

He’s the 266th pope.

507 = 3x13x13 the 2nd 6th and 6th primes!!!

an alternative hebrew word for Moon “Levanah” = 33 hebrew ordinal.

Also interesting is the first word. the Word for Sanctification sums to 420 in Hebrew gematria. (Hitler’s Bday)

Kiddush = 227 primes
Kiddush Levanah = 420 primes
Levanah = 193 primes

“Time” = 254

“Light” = 254

Grand Lodge of England Founded on a Full Moon

Hebrew gematria for the Hebrew word for “Full Moon”

The Masons love the Sun and Moon. It’s no wonder the Grand Lodge was established on this date (June 24th, 1717).

The Masons celebrate their favorite holiday, St. John’s Day in the 24th of June. This is a midsummer celebration a celebration of the summer solstice. It’s quite incredible how the first night of a Full Moon fell on the same date and how the Hebrew gematria corresponded to the year of 1717.


Now, look at the value for the 57th verse of the Bible. Moon = 57 ordinal

From 9.11.2001 to 9.28.2018 is 17 years and 17 days. 9.28 can also be written 28/9 like a 289 which = 17×17

That’s exactly 88 weeks from Trump’s inauguration.