Halloween & the 218th Ecliptic Longitude

So, if you’ve read my previous post you know that 218 is a number strongly associated with Death. In this post I will be discussing the 218th ecliptic longitude or the 218th meridian as I prefer to call it. First off let’s lay some groundwork for anyone who isn’t familiar with the ecliptic or much less ecliptic coordinates. The best way to explain the ecliptic coordinate system I believe is by making it analogous to Earth’s coordinate system.


So, the Ecliptic is like the equator. The ecliptic being the apparent path the Sun makes through the sky as viewed from Earth. The “Prime Meridian” or 0° longitude is defined by the Sun’s location during the Spring Equinox which falls in Pisces currently. The 180° longitude is currently in Virgo where the Autumnal Equinox occurs. This would be like the International Date Line. On a globe the longitudes start at the prime meridian and move East and West 180° all the way around to the International Date Line. Ecliptic Longitudes start at the Vernal Equinox at 0° and go in one direction 360°. So when you pass 180° you don’t start counting back down to zero.

Note: Overtime these longitudes will precede through the Zodiac. This is more commonly referred to as the precession of the Equinoxes.

So, what’s significant about the 218th meridian? Well, every year the Sun hits the 218th ecliptic longitude on HALLOWEEN. You see?! It makes a great case for our language being designed around this system of numbers. Halloween, across many cultures especially in the West is so strongly associated with Death and the Moon and general spooky, supernatural subjects. It’s also a time of reaping agriculturally. It’s no wonder that “Grim Reaper” = 218 Franc Baconis (shout out to Zenith of the Alpha for revealing that very relevant cipher to us)


And this will never change. The Sun will always hit 218 on Halloween. The precession of the equinoxes will change what constellations the Sun falls in but never change the fact that the Sun hits 218 every year on Halloween.

Edit: A fellow researcher showed me this. Halloween is short for All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve….


So, recall how Death and Moon = 218 and 38 in their respective English Jewish gematria ordinal ciphers…..


It’s interesting that if you were to place the starting point of the ecliptic on the Autumnal Equinox the Sun would hit the 38th meridian on Halloween.

Note: South of the equator the Autumnal Equinox is the Spring Equinox

So, where does Saturn fall in the mix? Well, Saturn is the Reaper. Saturn the “Time” God will Harvest all our souls eventually.


For my next post we’ll take a look at Saturn 218 transits over the past 150 years.

Bonus: Fellow decoder Seven7One1 showed me this.


Check his latest video here:


The HH, Hugh(es) and 218


Let’s start with the most recent Hugh, Hugh Hefner.


“Hugh Marston Hefner” = 218 ALW

The most recent “Hugh” in the news before Mr. Hefner was ‘Hugh’ston, Texas which experienced devastating flooding at the hands of Hurricane Harvey.

“Houston Flood” = 1361 trigonal. 1361 is the 218th prime.

There’s a very famous Hughes from Houston and that would be non other than Howard Hughes.


“Howard Hughes” = 1361 Jewish. Again, the 218th prime number.

Edit: Significant contribution from CTC member Rob. On the morning of 911 just before the first plane hit Matt Lauer was interviewing a man who had written a biography of “The Aviator” Howard Hughes. What a coincidence! Here’s the clip:

But to me the most prolific of the Hughes 218 club is non other than the film director John Hughes known for his family-friendly comedies of the 80s and 90s.


He was born on 2.18 and would die on August 6th the 218th day of the year.

“Eighteenth of February” = 218 ordinal

“John Wilden Hughes Junior” = 2108 Trigonal

“Home Alone I” = 218 Jewish

So what’s with the 218? At its core 218 is a Moon/Death number.


Below death is the Hebrew word for Moon or more specifically, New Moon. Of course solar eclipses must always occur during a New Moon.

It’s fitting that so many ritual deaths would be dedicated to the eclipse of 21/8 this year. The Gematrinator has covered these death tributes extensively and these ritual tributes can be found on his youtube channel with youtube handle: Gematrinator_64

So, what’s with all these Hughes connections? Hugh Hefner and John Hughes are very much affiliated with Chicago. Hefner was born in Chicago. John lived in a Chicago suburb growing up which is why his movies are so often set in Chicago. Then you have the Aviator Howard Hughes. Planes, Sex and Chicago……Well minus the sex this could point to Boeing which changed its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago shortly before 9/11 to their 561 ft building. 561 the 33rd triangular #.

Edit: Planes Sex and Chicago = 218 ALW

We’re all free to speculate but my theory is that the newly appointed Boeing board member and only surviving child of JFK, Caroline Kennedy ,will be in the running for president in 2020. More to that in a future post though.

So, we’ll end by touching on the HH. There’s the obvious Heil Hitler connection but I believe it’s a little deeper especially when looking at the number associations. H is the 8th letter so HH is an 88. “Trump” = 88 ordinal and 88 is also associated with Mercury with its 88 day journey around the Sun. But to me it’s a Moon number and here’s why: The Hebrew word for Isis (the moon goddess) equals 88 in hebrew gematria. איזיס


Funny how we have 43 the 14th prime situated next to that 88. (1488). We’ll leave it at that for now.

SO, not only does Isis = 88 the number coding goes even deeper with the HH. H is the 8th letter and the 19th in reverse. S is the 19th letter and 8th in reverse. This is why I believe with Hitler and the Nazis for example you have not only the HH but the SS as in Nazi SS. S the 19th letter and H the 19th in reverse makes both SS and HH have values of 38.

“Death” = 38 ordinal

Of course this is because 19+19=38 but what about 19 times 19. 19×19=361. If you mirror 361 you get 163 the 38th prime. Now, recall my prime placement method… With 361 you have 3 the 2nd prime and 61 the 18th prime for a 218.


And when you say Isis you may as well be saying SS…

Notes: 19 is the 8th prime. Another way of getting 88 from SS

Honorable Mention: James Langston Hughes = 218 ordinal

December 7th, 254 & Saturn

In 1865 soon after the civil war President Johnson made a proclamation declaring that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on December 7th, specifically, the first Thursday of December.


The first Thursday in December this year (2017) will also be on the Seventh.

So, Thanksgiving would be celebrated in 1865 exactly 76 years before Pearl Harbor. December 7th, 2017 is 76 years after Pearl Harbor.

One Metonic Cycle is equal to 19 years. Four Metonic Cycles are equal to 76 years.

“Four Metonic Cycles” = 254 ALW

“Seventy Six Years Later” = 254 reverse ordinal

“December Seventh” = 254 ALW

Every year on December 7th the Sun is at the 255th ecliptic longitude. Pretty close to 254 but not quite there. Anyways, this is in the Constellation Ophiuchus. Recall from previous posts the significance of Ophiuchus.

9/11 is the 254th day

“Light” & “Time” = 254 english gematria

That brings us to the Saturn numbers. Saturn the keeper of time. Time a measurement of light.

Let me begin by utilizing what I call prime factor placement juxtaposition. December 7th is the 341st day. 341s prime factorization is 11×31. Those are the 5th and 11th primes, juxtaposed they make a 511. “Saturn” = 511 Jewish. I’ll be using this method often in my blogposts.

“December Seventh” = 888 Sumerian the same as “Donald J Trump”. Saturn is said to be 888 million miles from the Sun.


A Metonic Cycle is the length of time it takes the Sun and Moon to come back into the same relative position. It’s 19 cycles of the Sun and 235 cycles of the moon. Four of these cycles is 76 years as I’ve mentioned as well as 940 cycles of the moon or simply 940 moons.

“nine hundred forty moons” = 1331 Jewish

If you’re familiar with Creator and Webmaster of http://www.gematrinator.com ‘s video “Signs of Times” you’ll know that 1331 is a Saturn number. In case you’re not I’ll link the video below. But, short answer is that the Hebrew word for Saturn, pronounced ‘EL’ equals 13 hebrew ordinal and 31 hebrew gematria.


September 26th: Moon-Saturn Conjunction in Ophiuchus and Donald Trump Assassination

September 26th is the 269th day of the year.  September 26th can also be written as 26/9.  269 is the 57th prime number.  If you recall from my Yvonne Orji decode “Moon” = 57 ordinal

9.26.17 to 3.1.18 (start of Trumps 888th lunar month) is 156 days.  911 is the 156th prime.

On the 26th there will be a Moon-Saturn Conjunction in the constellation Ophiuchus.


Trump was born during a blood moon in Ophiuchus.  As a matter of fact Saturn will be at the same position the Moon was the moment Trump was born.  Specifically, the 261st ecliptic longitude.

I’ve repeatedly found that the Moon and Saturn will exchange positions in celebrity deaths.  They’ll be born with the Moon in a certain position and die with Saturn in or very near the same position and vice versa.  The most recent examples of this were the deaths of country singers Troy Gentry and Don Williams.  Troy and Don were both born with Saturn in Pisces and they each died with the Moon in Pisces.

So, could this spell assassination attempt or a near death experience for President Trump?  We shall see.  This will be a span of 250 days from Trumps inauguration.

Trump = 25 reduced.

Death = 25 reverse reduced

Trump’s birthday:


Now, here’s the kicker.  There was a supposed assassination attempt on Trump on 6.18.2016.  Guess where the Moon and Saturn were?


There’s also a case for the 25th when the Moon first enters Ophiuchus along with the matching 33 date numerology to 6.18.16. 19,666 days after the JFK assassination.


September 26th is also a span of 322 days from 11.9.2016 the day Trump gave his acceptance speech as our new President.


20,000 Bees on a Pregnant Woman


Ohio mom-to-be covers baby bump with 20,000 bees for photo shoot

I came across this story after discovering that there are 20,000 days between JFKs last birthday and March 1st, 2018.  This date is significant as it will be the first day of Trump’s 888th lunar month.



The symbol of cancer is 69 and is often depicted as the keystone of the royal masonic arch.

“Donald J. Trump” = 888 sumerian

Saturn is said to be 888 million miles from the sun.

So, Why would anyone much less a heavily pregnant woman want to take a picture with 20,000 bees?

Simply put, it’s another tribute to astrology.  On the day this story was released Venus was nestled in the Beehive Star Cluster which lies in the Constellation of Cancer.  (Recall the 69)


“Venus in Cancer” = 888 sumerian

Article quote:

“The mom-of-two, who has been a beekeeper for the past five years, explained she wanted to do the photo shoot because honey bees symbolize death and the beginning of new life.”

Death?  Why mention death in this context?  It is peculiar how this story was released on August 31st the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death on 8.31.97

August 31st is the 243rd day of the year. The planet Venus has a rotational period equivalent to to 243 earth days.

Beginning of new life? Yes, because  Ancient Greeks and Romans saw the Beehive Cluster as a Manger.

Here we are on this day of September 20th, 3 days from Jupiter leaving the metaphorical womb of Virgo.  This story was released 44 days before 9/23.  “Manger” = 193 English gematria.  193 is the 44th prime.  This number is often associated with killing but, if you examine Hebrew gematria, you find it closely associated to family.  The Hebrew word for blood sums to 44 in hebrew gematria.  Blood is life.  Your family is your blood.


Insecure’s Yvonne Orji is the New Moon in Virgo


On September 16th the Sun entered the Virgo Constellation.  Lo and behold this heavily coded story about a “Virgin” was released the same day.  The actress, Yvonne Orji, is best known for her current role in “Insecure”.  I’m about to show you how she has been coded as the New Moon in Virgo.

57 Moon coding:

Yvonne Orji = 57 reduced

Rosh Hashanah = 57 reduced

Muharram = 570 english gematria

Note: Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year and Muharram the Islamic New Year.  Both will begin on the 21st of September with the New Moon in Virgo

Moon = 57 ordinal

To top it off she appeared in episode 57 of Jane the VIRGIN on 2.27.17


Yvonne is currently 33.  September 16th was a date with 33 numerology.

9+1+6+17 = 33

9+16+1+7 = 33

Sadly, as Gematrinator has noted, they like to code black actors and athletes as the New Moon just how Mayweather was the New Moon in the Mayweather McGregor eclipse ritual.

Here is the New Moon in Virgo on 9.19







First let me begin by connecting this with my previous post on the number 218.  Recall that moon in hebrew (“ירח”) has a Gematria value of 218.


The moon has a 19 year cycle in relation to the sun known as a “Metonic Cycle” and is the basis of the Jewish Calendar. The moon is also associated with “Eve”(“חַוָה”) which has a gematria value of 19.

Also, remember from my last post that the Kabbalistic Orders love to do their rituals on days that align with the moon phases.  It’s especially prevalent with the 1st and 3rd quarter moon phases.  Here are two events that happened on the 19th of January during the 3rd quarter moon phase:

  • Trump’s Inaugural Festivities offically began on the “Eve” of the 19th.
  • The Plasco Building in Tehran, Iran collapses on 1/19 as a reflection of 9/11

More examples: 9/11 happened during the 3rd quarter moon phase.  The Pulse nightclub happened on the day of the 1st quarter moon phase.


19 in Gematria

“חוה”is the Hebrew word for “Eve” and is 19 in three different systems:

Note: I’ll come back to Seattle.


19 in American History:

S is the 19th letter in the English Alphabet.  The 19th amendment was passed in 1919.  In fact, the very day the 19th amendment passed the Senate, Hillary Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Howell Rodham was born: June 4th, 1919. Again, that’s the 19th amendment in 1919 or SSS.  SSS = 666. Think “Social Security System” It was the passage of the 19th amendment that eventually led to legalized abortion in the U.S.

There are 131 days from September 11th to January 19th. There’s a freemasonic 33. Also, there are 13,300 days from Dorothy Howell’s Rodham’s birthday to the beginning of the Vietnam War. 6/4/1919-11/1/1955.  The Vietnam War was from 11/1/1955-4/30/1974.  That’s 19 years and 181 days.  181 can be transformed to 88.  I’ll talk more on the 19 and 88 connection. And one more thing on the 88 is Dorothy’s birthday.  June 4th (6/4).  64 breaks down to an 88 since 8×8 = 64.

1919 = SS = ISIS

It was during Hillary’s term as Secretary of State (another “SS”) that ISIS came to power in the middle east.  SS is commonly used for other clandestine organizations as well such as:

  • The Nazi “SS” (Schutzstaffel)
  • The OSS – Office of Strategic Services
  • The Secret Service
  • The ISS (International Space Station)

IDF – Israeli Defense Force

All of your secret societies follow the Jewish Kabbalah.  The Jesuit, Donald J. Trump, has proposed to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


“צה״ל” is the Hebrew Acronym for the Israeli Defence Force.  I mention it for two reasons:  1) as you’ll see in my Moana breakdown the 17 and it’s mirror 71 come up often.  71 + 17 = 88. 2) the year is 2017  (5777 in Hebrew)

Goddess Worship and the Disney Movie “Moana”

This has been a common theme throughout the past several months.  It was especially apparent in the 2016 Disney Film “Moana”.

Te Fiti
Te Ka

These are two versions of the same Goddess and lucky for me I found this website that helps explain the connection with astrology.  And in light of the website it may be possible that Moana is the third aspect of a “Goddess Trinity.”

Eve, Isis & Mary Revealed


Osnat Shurer


“Moana” just so happens to have had a Jewish producer: Osnat Shurer (Hebrew: אסנת שורר).

This is Osnat’s name in Hebrew which has the same Gematria value as the movie’s title character, Moana Waialiki.


Osnat is rather mysterious as I’ve been able to find very little biographical information on her.  No birthday.  Not really much of anything.  Although, I did find out one thing about her earlier life that raised an eyebrow.



Osnat Shurer is former Israeli Intelligence!!!

Check out the meaning of “Osnat”


Also, the Egyptian goddess, Isis, has long been associated with the moon.

Inspection of Osnat’s last name: “שורר”


ISIS and the number 88

ISIS-88 connection.  As I said before, SS = ISIS and S is the 19th letter so SS is 1919.  Not only is S the 19th letter it’s the 8th letter if you count back from Z so that makes SS or Isis = 88.  AND, 19 is the 8th prime so yet another way to get to the 88.  I’ll also mention for later that counting backwards from Z  the 19th letter is H and H is the 8th letter counting from A.


Check out the Gematria Value for ISIS in Hebrew (“איזיס”)




“Trump” is 88 in the English Ordinal.  See how it all ties in so nicely.


Meet Heihei.  He’s the brainless rooster in the movie Moana.  He reminds me of Trump with his wavy red crest and his neck resembles Trump’s comb over.

You can easily get “HH” with the HeiHei since in Hebrew Gematria vowels have no value assigned to them. Only consonants.  Applying the same reasoning to English then HeiHei is 88 since H is the 8th letter in the English alphabet.   88 is well-known among white supremacist as a not-so-well coded message of “Heil Hitler”.  Also, on January 28th we entered into the Chinese New Year of the “Fire Rooster”

Also I have to mention how this relates to the 55.  Let me say first that Trump Plaza in Jersey City is at 88 Morgan St and is 55 stories.  A 2nd Tower is under construction and has been stated publicly as being the “Twin Towers of Jersey”.  Development is being headed by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Ok, 88 codes to 55 since 88 means “Heil Hitler” “HH” and “H” is the 8th letter in the English alphabet and the 5th letter in the Hebrew alphabet.  The Hebrew letter is pronounced “hey” as in “heihei” the chicken.

I believe Trump is to be considered in the same respect as Heihei: a mindless chicken who is only symbolically relevant to what’s going on in the grand scheme of things.  Or possibly that’s one of the many “subliminals” the movie is trying to impress upon its viewers.

And as I’ve demonstrated the Gematria is very prevalent in “Moana”.  Here’s a breakdown I did to further illustrate its prevalence.

Moana Waialiki = 119 (EO)
Moana (protagonist) = 44(EO)
Te Fiti (island goddess) = 33 (ER) 69 (EO) TeKa (fire version) – 226 (EG)
Maui = 44(EO)
Gramma Tala = 411(EG) 87 (EO) 33 (ER)
HeiHei (severely retarded chicken)= 44(EG) 44(EO) 44(ER)
Lalotai (realm of monsters) = 331 (EG)


Moana = 17 (ER)
Maui = 17 (ER)
Tamatoa (crab monster) = 17 (ER)


Kakamora = 71(EO)
Tamatoa = 71 (EO)

Remember: 71+17 = 88

Seattle Connection

The next major false flag event is expected to take place in Seattle.  I recommend you watch this video from “FISK ITO”.  He does a phenomenal job in breaking down the astrological (full moon) and numerical indicators for March 11th being another major ritual event.

Click the link below for the video on Seattle

Seattle False Flag March 11th

Honorable Gematria Mentions:

The Hebrew word for Mary (“מִרְיָם”) is 47.  47 is a key Masonic number.  It’s the angle of the compass in the square and compass logo.  Added to the 90° of the square you have 137 the 33rd prime number.  Half of 47 is 23.5 which is a close approximation of the angle of Earth’s tilt.


The Hebrew word for Kabbalah (“קַבָּלָה”) is 137.  Again, 137 is the 33rd prime.


Gematria Calculator Source:

Riding the Beast


Now, I’ll segue into my next post with a Gematria Breakdown of “HeiHei”


The Hebrew word for “blood” (“דָם”) in Hebrew Gematria is 44 as well:


Note: there are other numerically more obvious connections to Hehei and Trump.  Ask me about them in the comments.